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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Visiontek GeForce 2 GTS review


Visiontek GeForce 2 GTS review
Posted by Julio Franco on July 25, 2000
Company: Visiontek     Product: GeForce 2 GTS videocard

Visiontek is an US based PC peripheral manufacturer that has been up for more than 10 years now. Mostly dedicated to the OEM channel, that could be one of the reasons you havenít heard of these guys as you hear from other manufacturers such as Creative or Diamond who are also present in the retail market.

If you have been an online price hunter before you might have heard of Visiontek then, they have been making videocards based on NVIDIA chips since the release of the original TNT2. Since they only sell OEM boards it was very common to find them selling for very low prices at Pricewatch.

So, what is the difference between an OEM board and retail one? Since OEM boards are supposed to be for system builders, they donít come in fancy boxes but white plain small boxes carrying no extra bundle but the card itself, a CD with drivers and sometimes a very basic manual. Not exactly a pretty exciting picture but, if you consider that lowers the prices then you have a good deal if you just want a very fast card (GeForce 2 GTS based in this case) with no extras that you may never use and could cost you extra money, too.

Taking a quick look to the card I could notice it comes with no TV-Out connector, which comes as a standard feature on most board nowadays. The absence of the connector is intended to cut prices as well but definitely you are out of luck if you did want to take advantage of it.

Now, onto the GeForce 2 GTS chip, undoubtedly the fastest 3D chip available in the market, with the combination of 32 or 64mb of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory, NVIDIA has got an unbeatable combo since the original GeForce cards were released.

Additionally of the faster clock rates, the second generation of the GeForce features improved Transform & Lighting (according to NVIDIA), I guess thatís ok considering they have been promoting T&L a lot since they got it implemented on their chips, however the number of titles that really take advantage of it and that really pump up that polygon count on screen is still poor.

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