Xteq X-Setup 6 Review


X-Setup is a quite well known Tweaking utility developed by Xteq Systems. The latest version available is Version 6. Given the rather illustrious accolades garnished on the previous version, will ,as William Shatner might say, X-Setup 6 boldly go where no Tweaking Utility has gone before?  Read on & find out.

Installation & Manual

Installing this Utility was mind numbingly easy. So easy thereís nothing more I need say other than double click on the file after youíve downloaded it. X-Setup 6 weighs in at about 4MB to download, which isnít all that big considering what you get it it.

While X-Setup 6 obviously doesnít physically come with a Manual, it does contain a fairly well detail Help file that can be easily accessed (In the Welcome tab select the Welcome Help button, or when X-Setup 6 itself is loaded click on Help then Contents). Hereís a sample of the Help file.

Besides this Help file, the Plug-ins themselves generally contain some form of descriptive text. For example, hereís a (Self-promoting) Description from a Plug-in you can download for Half-Life by Neil R. Turner;

Obviously the quality of the description depends on who writes the Plug-in, but overall they are acceptable enough for you to have a good idea of the consequences using them will have.

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