2Wire MediaPoint Digital Media Player w/ Blockbuster OnDemand

  • 2Wire MediaPoint Digital Media Player w/ Blockbuster OnDemand
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  • Supports HD files, HDMI-out. Easy setup. Intuitive, simple user interface. Wi-Fi compatible. Useful remote.
  • Streams Blockbuster OnDemand video titles to your TV; price tag is essentially "free" ($99 box includes credit for 25 movies), with no monthly fees; built-in Ethernet and 802.11g Wi-Fi networking; titles can be searched and ordered onscreen; progressiv...
  • Relatively quick load times (no more than 30 seconds) for content. Supports both ethernet and WiFi connections. Saves movies locally for the bandwidthchallenged. No subscription necessary.


  • Limited selection of titles. Downloads take a long time. No WPA2 wireless. No surround sound (yet). USB ports arent activated.
  • Tiny, cluttered remote; no HD viewing options; no subscription plan available; newer movies than Netflix, but still a small selection overall; cant fast-forward or rewind during initial download; yet another box under the TV; no WPA2 encryption support.

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By E-Gear on

DVDs made watching films at home fashionable, but broadband looks to making it cheaper and more convenient. And while it might seem that Blockbuster is late in joining the ranks of “rent via broadband”, their media server box offers a...

By PC Mag on 60

Despite some limitationsthe box doesnt use its USB ports or wireless streaming capabilitiesthe MediaPoint makes a nice complement to Blockbusters DVD and online...

By cnet on 57

While it falls short of competing options from Vudu, Apple, and Roku, the 2Wire Blockbuster OnDemand box offers basic on-demand movie streaming at an attractive...

By Wired on 40

Make no mistake - the idea of a single set-top box capable of pumping out tons of newly released content sounds great. Unfortunately, giants like Apple (and small fries like Vudu) have shown that smoothly delivering such a service is sort of a fever...