Arcam MiniBlink Bluetooth DAC




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Another no-brainer for me. If you have folks come round who want you to hear a new tune they have on their phone then this is ideal…press the button, pair the phone and away you go. ­Personally it's a product I'll not use all the time as I have...

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High quality components and compact style make this Bluetooth receiver stand out from...

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This level of sound quality doesn't come easy to products like this, which makes the miniBlink's abilities all the more...

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Arcam's miniBlink is a quality product at a very affordable price. With the ever-increasing popularity of bluetooth streaming, it's something that anyone who loves listening to music should consider. If you're interested in the miniBlink you can order...

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Using a hotel sound system, or that in a rented villa, to play your own music from your phone, tablet or computer can be tricky, though. Not all setups have Bluetooth, especially the older ones. Carrying this minuscule Bluetooth adaptor, the MiniBlink...

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It is safe to say that the Arcam miniBlink is impressive. It's not only impressive in size but it is also impressive how Arcam has been able to squeeze such a sense of refined audio and quality in to this tiny bit of kit.I was just not prepared for the...

International Review By Alpha-Audio on 80

Naar mijn mening is de Miniblink een leuke instap voor degene die zoekt naar meer veelzijdigheid in zijn systeem of degene die af en toe gebruik wil maken van het gemak van Bluetooth. Voor serieus luisteren blijft bluetooth ongeschikt. Nu heb ik in huis...