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The Nest Learning Thermostat is an intelligent thermostat. Turn the dial up provide heat and down to provide cooling. The Nest records your initial settings and start to take over after a week. It interacts with your Wi-Fi connection and receive updates over-the-air. Users can also remotely log into the thermostat to control it away from home on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 90

Aside from the aforementioned energy history limitations, the only other metric that will likely keep more people from purchasing a Nest is the price tag. At $250, it is much more expensive than a basic thermostat or even a mid-range programmable device. But in my eyes, this is another case of getting what you pay for and the Nest is a winner in my book.

By TechRadar on 70

Nest is a new way of saving money on your future heating bills. It has an attractive design and is easy to operate, but the immediate cost might put some off, even if it could save them money in the future.

By TrustedReviews on 90

The Nest thermostat is by far the most attractive and intuitive smart heating system we have seen to date. The pictures look good, but even they don't do it justice in use. A more complex and expensive system like Honeywell's Evohome offers more granular control and potentially greater savings, particularly for larger properties, but right now Nest is going after the mass market and here it deserves to clean up.

By Home EC101 on

I have not lived in this house long enough to give you an accurate percentage how what the cost savings will be. I do know the frustration cost is already lower, now that I have finished sabotaging my own installation efforts.

By cnet on 93

The second generation of the energy-saving Nest Learning Thermostat puts this device even further ahead of the (nearly nonexistent) competition.

By Droid-Life on 90

Now, I’m just waiting to see what my heating bill looks like, so that I can justify the purchase even further. Yes, I bought this bad boy. This is not a review unit. How long before it pays for itself?

By PureView on 90

So far one week later the device has learned all of our patterns and goes on and off when we need it to. I love the mobile application that goes along with it as well and have not seen any of the issues that other reviewers have seen. I would highly recommend.

By Wired on 90

The Second Generation Nest Learning Thermostat retails for $249.99, and it’s worth the price and then some. The increased control you have over the temperature, the fact that the Nest learns how to set the temperature, the ability to adjust the temperature from anywhere, and the energy savings potential make it worth every penny.

By PCMag on 90

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a must have for high-tech homeowners or anyone looking to save on heating and air conditioning costs through interactive programming and online management.

By GottaBeMobile on 80

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an excellent thermostat that is worth the price for users looking for a thermostat that learns their schedule without my need to set it up and want the ability to control the heat or cooling with an iPhone or Android.