Canon Vixia HFM40

  • Canon Vixia HFM40
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  • Superior HD image quality, * Great dynamic range and low-light sensitivity, * Useful automatic and manual modes.
  • With a nice set of features for home-movie-type shooters and pleasing video quality, the Canon Vixia HF M400 series has lots to like.
  • Quality Full HD video, 16GB onboard flash, Dual SDXC card slots, Fast focusing 10x optical zoom


  • LCD touch screen not as intuitive as iOS, * Still images limited to two megapixels, Price when rated: $700
  • A small, coarse LCD that's hard to view in direct sunlight and touch-screen-impaired menu system hamper an otherwise solid design.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld on 90

Sometimes less is more. Take, for example, the Canon Vixia HF M40 camcorder. The camera tweaks some features found in Canon's 2010 M-series camcorders, but the most significant change is a slightly larger image sensor with substantially fewer...

By CamcorderInfo on

It turns out that Canon’s gamble to put all new sensors into the 2011 consumer lineup has really paid off. The flagship HF G10 put up impressive numbers in low light performance—without much of a penalty to sharpness. For just $699.99...

By cnet on 78

A fine follow-up to last year's M3xx series, the Canon Vixia M4xx series should please most home-movie-oriented videographers despite its relatively high price. If you don't need the EVF, the M400 is your best buy, but if you'll be shooting...

By Digital Trends on 75

If you’re looking for a camcorder that takes excellent videos, give Canon's Vixia HF M40 consideration, but look elsewhere if still photos are important....