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By Tom's Guide on 70

While Giroptic's image quality isn't as good as Kodak's or 360fly's, the 360cam does capture a full 360 degrees of video. It's also more durable — and works with more smartphones — than the Samsung Gear 360. Although it's more expensive than LG's 360...

By on

Virtual reality headsets and 360-degree videos have given us the ability to experience incredible events and go anywhere in the world without leaving our couches.Until recently, creating your own 360-degree video required a prohibitively expensive...

By TechRadar on

A lot of people like GoPros. And with good reason, they're rugged, all-terrain video cameras that capture everything from big air jumps to underwater adventures, all without an ounce of screen tearing. There's one major problem with the GoPro: You can...

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于不再被吐槽了!2017-01-13Oculus Touch手柄评测摄像头视角有限限制使用者活动2016-10-24雷蛇新Blade Stealth评测高端笔电里的性价比之王2016-10-14罗技K780无线键盘评测多屏时代不可或缺的利器2016-10-10新闻热线010-68947455关键词 Giroptic 360cam 评测...

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Engadget 日本版 YouTubeチャンネル より。Kickstarterで支援したGIROPTIC社「 360Cam 」が届いたので試してみました。防塵防水なので水辺で安心して使えます。録画したまま水中に沈めてもちゃんと録画できますが、空気中とは屈折率が違うので上手く映像が繋がっていません。オプションの「Underwater Lens Cups」を装着すれば補正できる様です。動画は2分24秒。 Engadget 日本版 YouTubeチャンネル Engadget Video...