Looxcie Wearable Camcorder LX1

  • Looxcie Wearable Camcorder LX1
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  • Innovative design and concept, Easy to edit and send clips using Android app, Cool viewfinder function on phone app
  • Staffers couldn’t figure out how to adjust it to wear in left ear. Behindtheear battery looks like a hearing aid. Sorry nerds, cannot be worn comfortably with thickerrimmed glasses, Tags: Bluetooth, Headsets, Wireless, Tweet, Pricing, No pricing inf
  • Better than many existing helmetcam products; innovative technology.


  • Earpiece camera keeps slipping off, Poor video quality, Always-recording function will make some uncomfortable
  • Sharing only works for short clips (30minutes, 183 MB? No dice.). Terrible camera stabilization—some footage looked like deleted scenes from Cloverfield. Lackluster, muffled sound quality. No zoom. Harder to configure than a Rubik’s cube: two

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By Sound and Vision Magazine on

Everybody loves to post fun videos of the cool things they’re doing on Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter. Sometimes, though, you miss the coolest, funnest stuff because it’s hard to record all the time. But wait. What if you could? Say...

By Dvice on

The Looxcie is one of the silliest products we've seen that isn't a mere concept. It's a wearable Bluetooth camera that records everything — it's meant to document your daily life and create movie clips that can be shared to...

By LaptopMag on 50

This device's 'always on' concept takes video cameras to a new level, but is it ready for...

By Wired on 50

Warhol was only half-right. Sure everyone is famous these days, but only for 15 seconds and in 15 fps.At least that’s what the Looxcie, a wearable video camera, presumes. Integrated into a flashy Bluetooth headset, the device is meant for...

By Maximum PC on 70

The “lifecasting” craze never really took off -- and thank heavens for that! -- but that hasn’t kept the good folks at Looxcie from attempting to jump on the bandwagon. The idea: Put a camera in a gadget that’s worn like a...