Samsung HMX-H106SP

  • Samsung HMX-H106SP
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  • Attractive design.
  • Comfortable rotating grip.
  • Manual shutter speed and aperture controls.


  • SSD adds unnecessary price premium.
  • So-so video quality.

Expert reviews and ratings

By CamcorderInfo on

The Samsung HMX-H106 is a solid mid-range camcorder, there's no doubt about that. Its performance was good in most of our testing categories, and it did better with video sharpness than every mid-range model we've reviewed except for the Canon...

By Mobile Magazine on 75

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a high-definition video has got to be worth millions. There are some pocket camcorders out there that are capable of recording HD video, but very few can truly measure up to their more expensive...

By 5FWD on 60

The H106SP is a perfectly decent budget camcorder suffering from the addition of a unnecessary, expensive solid state drive. Buy the cheaper version, pick up a few cheap memory cards and put the rest into your MacBook Air savings account.Samsung...

By on 40

A novel idea, but the SSD drives the price up and the camcorder itself is...

By CNET UK on 64

The Samsung HMX-H106SP's interesting design doesn't offset the so-so video quality and performance. If you're set on a camcorder in the HMX series, the no-memory-included HMX-H100P is probably the best deal of the bunch...

By cnet on 64

An interesting design doesnt offset the so-so video quality and performance, especially for the higher priced HMX-H106, H105, and H104. If youre set on this series, though, the no-memory-included Samsung HMX-H100 is probably the best deal of the...

By on 70

Samsung’s HMX-H106 camcorder records 1920 x 1080 high definition video to a 64GB solid state drive or to SD/SDHC memory cards. It sports a 10x optical zoom Schneider Kreuznach Vario HD lens with optical image stabilization and 2.2-megapixel CMOS...

By Digital Trends on 80

We found the...

International Review By on 64

Das schicke, praktische Design des HMX-H106 kann leider nicht über die mittelprächtige Videoqualität und den unzuverlässigen Autofokus hinwegtäuschen. Wer sich dennoch unbedingt einen Samsung-Camcorder zulegen möchte,...

International Review By TecnoZoom on 80

La Samsung HMX-H106 è una videocamera digitale compatta dalle dimensioni estremamente ridotte e facile da portare ovunque. La sua caratteristica più interessante è il fatto di essere provvista di un disco allo solido invece che della...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Le HMX-H106 de Samsung est un caméscope numérique équipé de 64 Go de mémoire flash interne, que l'on peut étendre en utilisant des cartes. Ce modèle a donc plusieurs avantages sur les appareils intégrant un...

International Review By SFT - Magazin on 90

Eine echte Alternative und mit rund 900 Euro UVP fast ein Schnäppchen! Pro: + Sehr gute Bildqualität + Ergonomischer Griff + Fein auflösender, brillanter Touchscreen + 64 GByte große SSD + Lange Aufnahmedauer Ebenfalls lesenswert:...