Samsung HMX-W200

  • Samsung HMX-W200
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  • Waterproof to ten feet and drop-proof to 6,5 feet.
  • Records in 1080p or 720p resolution.
  • Uses microSD memory cards.


  • Poor video quality.
  • Jittery when zooming.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on

Overall, the sporty and slim figure of the Samsung W200, along with the water, dust and shock proof features make from this camcorder a great...

By DreamWare Computers on

The small size and digital design of cameras these days opens up a world of new possibilities that we never saw possible with previous generation cameras. For instance, you'd probably never strap a MiniDV video camera to your bike, or go running...

By CamcorderInfo on

Waterproof ultracompact camcorders have been flooding the market over the past year, so it’s fair to say the Samsung HMX-W200 has its good share of competitors. Surprisingly, the W200 held off the other camcorders in its price range by putting up...

By Expert Reviews on 100

A solidly-built camcorder with decent image quality, the W200 has intuitive controls and a good selection of features, and its underwater abilities are lots of fun too...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

The Samsung W200 is not an earth-shattering innovation in camcorder technology. In many respects its merely another waterproof pocket Internet model. But it does have significant abilities in key areas. In particular, its large back-side illuminated...

By PC Mag on 40

The Samsung HMX-W200 is one of the few pocket camcorders that can survive falls and capture underwater video, but with video quality that doesn’t live up to its 1080p promise and some other issues, you can do better....

By on 80

Here's a great gadget for taking on short trips where you want basic video and stills, though whether it's any better than a smartphone is a moot point. The latter is cancelled-out by the W200's rugged 'multi-proof' build and...

By Engadget on 70

So, is Samsung's "multi-proof" W200 worth its weight in underwater memories? It's tough to say, but we're leaning "yes." $150 is dirt cheap in this category, particularly for a device this small. The 1080p underwater video mode is leaps and...

By DigitalCameraReview on 60

Great stills output does little to make up for the fact the Samsung W200 only supports microSD cards and lacks a macro shooting...

By cnet on 70

The Samsung HMX-W200 might be a little less impressive than its specs, but it's still a very good rugged minicamcorder for the...

International Review By TecnoZoom on 70

La nuovissima Samsung HMX-W200RP è una MultiMediaCam di ultima generazione votata al rughe che trova il suo punto forte nella realizzazione di ottime riprese subacquee e non solo. Le features tecniche sono di buon livello ed infatti troviamo un...

International Review By on 70

Der Samsung HMX-W200 ist zwar selbst nicht ganz so beeindruckend, wie sein Datenblatt verspricht. Aber angesichts der moderaten Anschaffungskosten bietet der Outdoor-Pocket-Camcorder dennoch ein ausgezeichnetes Preisleistungsverhältnis. Fanden Sie...