Sony DCR-SX45

  • Sony DCR-SX45
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  • The Sony Handycam DCR-SX45, SX65, and SX85 are easy-to-use ultracompact camcorders with good active electronic image stabilization and a built-in USB cable for quick uploads.


  • Video quality can't compare to HD, LCD screen glares in strong light, Need a tripod at full zoom, Shorter battery life than Canon, No external microphone, headphone jacks
  • The DCR-SX45, SX65, and SX85 produce very soft and noisy video with noticeable fringing on subjects even at small sizes. There are no mic or headphone jacks, and the electronic image stabilization won't help you with the lens fully extended.

Expert reviews and ratings

By ConsumerSearch on

Sony's standard-definition (SD) camcorders sell for substantially less than Canon's, and the Sony DCR-SX45 is the cheapest in the lineup. It doesn't have any built-in memory -- you have to buy your own memory cards -- but Sony does sell two...

By cnet on 62

Sony's Handycam DCR-SX45, SX65, and SX85 standard-definition camcorders pack a megazoom lens at a reasonable price; one look at the standard-definition video, though, and you might regret not spending a bit more for an HD...