Sony NEX-VG20

  • Sony NEX-VG20
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  • Great interchangeable lenses.
  • Small/powerful body.
  • 5.1 channel surround audio capturing.


  • Front heavy.
  • Not so smooth zoom ring.

Expert reviews and ratings

By CamcorderInfo on 95

Ever since DSLR cameras started recording video, we've been waiting for a product like the Sony NEX-VG20 to come along. People love the way DSLRs and system cameras capture video, and they love the ability to work with different lenses, but most...

By on

Because we don't have access to the gadget for a full product analysis we are not able to provide you any certain conclusion. According to Sony, their NEX-VG20 will come in two versions which will be officially released in November at a price of...

By PC Advisor on 90

The removable lens nature doesn’t only stretch to the feature set of the Sony VG20, as the image quality reflects. With the amount of manual controls on offer, as well as the inputs and versatility of the extra lenses, the Sony VG20 is perfect for...

By Videomaker on

For this price you get a solid camera with many available interchangeable lenses and more on the way.Sony Electronics Inc....

By DigitalVersus on 80

The Sony NEX-VG20 is a good update of the VG10 that's not too far from perfect. Image quality is excellent and sound has been upped to 5.1. Although the depth of field is no match for the Canon 5D/7D, the VG20 is a great stand-alone camcorder with...

By CNET Australia on 85

Given the price of other large-sensor, interchangeable-lens systems, the NEX-VG20 offers excellent value for anyone who prefers shooting video on a camcorder-style body rather than on a video-enabled...

By ePHOTOzine on 90

The Sony NEX-5N and additional lenses, viewfinder, and new adapter give the NEX system added versatility, and a much more useful range of choices regarding lenses. The touch screen is an improvement in the way the NEX-5 is controlled as it helps make...

International Review By on 83

Det är med viss vördnad jag packar upp den här videokameran. Det är den hittills största jag haft som är avsedd för ”vanligt folk”. Den har också ett stort objektiv, precis som seriösa...

International Review By Lyd og bilde on 83

Sony NEX-VG20EH er et seriøst videokamera for semiproff bruk. Det er stort og tungt, men vekten er perfekt balansert om man holder i mikrofonen (som er glimrende!). Videokvaliteten er stort sett overveldende bra. Innendørs glimrer det med...

International Review By on 70

De VG-20 is niet de eerste camera van Sony die zich op de grens tussen beter fototoestel en kwalitatieve videocamera nestelt. Ongeveer twee jaar geleden verschijnt de VG-10 , die ook in FWD besproken werd. Nu is er dus dit toestel, dat je kunt...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Le NEX-VG20 est une bonne amélioration face à l'ancienne version au point d'être presque parfait. La qualité d'image est très bonne et l'audio passe au 5.1. Certes, la profondeur de champ n'égale pas...

International Review By slashCAM on

Die Sony-NEX-VG20 sieht auf den ersten Blick ziemlich vielversprechend aus: Großer Filmsensor mit manueller Kontrolle beim Filmen, gepaart mit dem Handling eines klassichen Camcorders. So etwas findet man bei keinem anderen Hersteller in dieser...