Canon EOS 6D

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  • 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor.
  • Wi-Fi and GPS technology.
  • Uses SD format cards rather than CF.


  • Body doesn’t have the premium feel of a 5D Mark III or 7D.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 100

If you hanker after the superb Canon 5D Mark III, but it remains firmly out of reach because of cost, then the EOS 6D takes you in the premium photography direction. High-quality images with the flexibility of separate lenses and plenty of manual...

By DigitalCameraReview on 90

The Canon EOS 6D is an excellent camera for Canon DSLR users who want to step up to a full-frame camera without spending $3500 for the 5D Mark III . This camera combines some of the best Canon technology and features from its surrounding siblings like...

By The Imaging Resource on -

With the 20.2-megapixel EOS 6D, Canon has created a smaller, lighter and less expensive full-frame digital SLR for prosumer photographers. In many ways, the well-designed 6D is a mini 5D Mark III for the rest of...

By CNET UK on 90

It isn't pocket money, but the EOS 6D nonetheless puts full-frame features within reach of the more ambitious enthusiast photographer. I'd have happily swapped the GPS and Wifi for more autofocus points, but it's nonetheless a great body that captures...

By camerastuffreviewcom on 89

Cameras with a full frame sensor (36 - 24 mm) are still not commonplace, especially not among amateur photographers. This is not because the technology is so new (Canon EOS 1Ds: September 2002), but because the price (> 2500 euros) is a proper threshold...

By Macworld UK on 80

The pitch for the EOS 6D is that it’s a cheaper way for keen amateurs to enjoy a digital SLR that offers a sensor the same size as professional models costing £5K. Whilst not inexpensive at £1799.99 body-only, the Canon 6D is comparable price-wise and...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

Canon's EOS 6D is a great introduction into the world of full-frame photography. It's a relatively fast camera that's easy to use and its high ISO performance is stellar. Well worth considering if you're an enthusiast, but you will also need some new...

By CameraLabs on 85

Despite those shortcomings, the 6D is a solid, dependable, affordable full-frame DSLR that is ideally suited to the kinds of photographer Canon has pitched it to.

By PhotoReview on 89

Sports photographers are likely to need faster shutter speeds and better continuous shooting rates but wildlife photographers could take advantage of the remote triggering controls available through the 6D's Wi-Fi function.

By CNET Australia on 85

An excellent camera for Canon users who are looking to step up into the world of full-frame photography, the 6D delivers great photo and video quality, as well as effective...

By Sydney Morning Herald on -

This 20-megapixel camera is Canon's entry into full-frame digital photography. One of the most appealing features is its wi-fi connectivity with smartphones...

By DPexpert on -

This 20 megapixel camera is Canon’s entry into full frame digital photography. It is differentiated from the 5DMkIII by its construction...

By Camera Labs on 85

The Canon EOS 6D is an extremely capable and well-designed full-frame digital SLR that provides a clear upgrade choice for anyone looking to graduate from an APS-C model to a full-frame DSLR. It combines excellent image quality with superb high ISO...

By T3 Magazine on 80

The biggest sensor you can get in the body of a digital SLR based around an old 35mm film SLR is naturally a sensor the equivalent size of a frame of 35mm film. And that's what the Canon EOS 6D provides. Announced in September 2012, the 6D is aimed at...

By DigitalPhotographyReview on 83

The EOS 6D doesn't offer the depth of features that its best competitors can, but it combines very good image quality, impressive high ISO performance and class-leading low light autofocus ability (with the central AF point) as well as impressive built-in Wi-Fi and GPS features.

By ePHOTOzine on -

The Nikon D600 and Canon EOS 6D are some of the most affordable full-frame sensor (ie the same size as 35mm film) cameras available. Here we compare the two cameras in our quick comparison review. We have reviewed them, previously, so for full...

By on 100

Despite being only a teensy bit smaller than its rival the Nikon D600, the Canon feels more compact and less dressed for action – whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. The 11-point autofocus may sound sorely lacking compared to the 39-pointer...

By ePHOTOzine on -

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Vs Canon EOS 6D*The Canon EOS 5D Mark III announced last year disappointed some with it's higher than expected price of £2999 (RRP), since then, Canon has announced the Canon EOS 6D with a much more wallet friendly price of £1799...

By cnet on 70

The photo quality you get from the EOS 6D makes it well worth the upgrade over a consumer APS-C model, but between this and comparable or higher-end models it's a less obvious...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Flawless image quality at a tantalising price, but the basic autofocus won't suit everyone...