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By PC Authority on 100

It feels like everyone in the camera world is busy pumping out CSCs oozing with retro charm. Everyone, that is, apart from Panasonic. Going by looks alone, the Lumix G85 is practically pedestrian. Dull as dishwater. Distinctly average. Get beyond...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 90

I enjoyed using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 a great deal. It will work as point and shoot, and will reward the enthusiast who wants to accumulate some lenses and learn the full capabilities of a very powerful camera, as described in that 338 page...

By Photo Review Australia on 90

Once again, Panasonic has produced a mirrorless camera that caters for both still photography and movie enthusiasts. We could find few faults with the G85, the most notable being the raw file processing software that Panasonic keeps promoting. Surely,...

By Shutterbug on

The Panasonic G8/81/85 is a 16MP Micro 4/3rds camera with a built-in stabilizer system that supports “Dual I.S.” (a combination of sensor shift and stabilizer in the lens system). ( Editor's Note: Lab Review lab tests and comments are supplied by...

By DPexpert on

This is the thinking person's camera. No DSLR at this price point comes close to the features, functions and sheer user pleasure of this little camera. The compact size, small mass and the range of lenses from Panasonic, Olympus and third party makers...

By TechRadar AU on

This is arguably Panasonic's most compelling Micro Four Thirds camera for still photographers and videoographers alike, but it's surrounded by strong...

By Steves Digicams on

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G85 was announced at Photokina this week and is Panasonic's latest Micro Four Thirds ILC camera system. At the heart, we have a 16MP Digital Live MOS sensor without a low pass filter for clearer, more professional images. The...

By The Imaging Resource on

Furthermore, due to the G85's more durable construction (more on that later), the shutter is also quieter than not only the G7 but also the GX85 by about four decibels. Not only is it sturdy, lightweight and compact, but it's also very quiet, making it...

International Review By on

近日,海外网站dpreview测试了松下旗下无反相机Lumix DMC-G85。事实上,这台机器上市以来国内没有任何一家媒体测试过,本次就让小编我带大家一探究竟。主要参数:1600万像素 4/3 MOS 传感器, 无光学低通滤镜5轴机身防抖双 I.S. (镜头光学防抖稳定器和机身图像稳定器)防滴溅防尘机身DFD散焦测距自动对焦236万像素 OLED 电子取景器3英寸104万像素翻转触屏4K 视频 / 照片景深合成和摄后对焦松下Lumix...