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  • Very large focal range.
  • A lot of auto options.
  • Manual mode.


  • No AP or SP modes.
  • Lacks RAW format.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TopTenREVIEWS on 72

The low price tag means that some corners had to be cut, but for a bridge camera, the Pentax X-5 is definitely a step up in quality compared to pocket...

By The Imaging Resource on

The 16MP Pentax X-5 may look and feel like a digital SLR, but it clearly belongs in the entry-level superzoom class. Photo enthusiasts who have shot with a DSLR and who may be drawn to the X-5's serious-looking but compact design -- it reminds us of a...

By TechRadar on 60

The problem that some people will have is that, other than an extraordinary focal range, this bridge camera doesn't really offer anything new or exciting. Plus elsewhere it feels a little rushed or unfinished, with obvious features missing such as semi-manual shooting modes and support for raw shooting.

By TechRadar AU on 60

You might also like... What camera should I buy? On paper the Pentax X-5 sounds like it could fulfil the needs of a niche consumer base; seeking to please photographers who want a camera that exudes the build of a DSLR but has the simplicity of one lens...

By Digital Photography School on

After unpacking this long-awaited camera my first impression of the Pentax X-5 was that it looked startlingly like a DSLR! Prominent speed grip, big lens, eyepiece, same feel.But it is of course a bridge camera, with a magnificent 26x zoom lens reach,...

By DigitalVersus on 60

For a bridge camera with this kind of price tag, the Pentax X-5 doesn't to a bad job of things, offering a passable lens, a BSI CMOS sensor, a viewfinder and a tilt screen. However, there's still a big difference in performance between a £200 bridge and...

By What Digital Camera on 84

If you're looking for an affordable bridge camera, the chances are that the X-5 will be on your shortlist. The good news is that the X-5 is certainly a capable camera, and one which handles well and offers a decent level of performance in a generally...

By CNET UK on 80

Line up these specs against the asking price for an X-5 and you'll see it's an absolute bargain. Naturally some corners have had to be cut to keep the price so low, but not to a degree that would leave a hobby photographer disappointed with the...

By ePhotoZine on 80

Detail isn't all that you'd hope for from a 16 megapixel camera, particularly if you have to shoot at ISO 800 and 1600, but colour reproduction is good, so if you are more likely to take pictures to share on the web or print in smaller sizes, the X-5 isn't going to let you down.

By AmateurPhotographer on 80

At its affordable price point, this is a very competitve camera. However, in a market where manufacturers have included so many new features to make them stand out from the crowd, the X-5 sinks into the background.

By PhotographyBlog on 80

Still everything on the camera falls readily to hand, making for both swifter and easier use than flashier alternatives. Ultimately that means that the bargain Pentax X-5 gets a Photography Blog Recommended award - just don't expect all the manual controls that its design so misleadingly hints at.

International Review By on

Aparat z matrycą 16,4 Mp, wyświetlaczem 3 cala i zoomem optycznym 26,4x. Oprócz zdjęć umożliwia też rejestrację wideo w maksymalnej rozdzielczości 1920 x 1080 pikseli.OpisSpecyfikacja i wyniki Zobacz pełny ranking:Aparaty cyfrowe kompaktoweOpis produktu...

International Review By on

Pentax X-5 to całkiem udany aparat kompatkowy, przeznaczony dla osób, którym zależy na solidnej konstrukcji, przyzwoitych parametrach i jednocześnie prostej obsłudze pozbawionej komplikacji charakterystycznych dla bardziej profesjonalnych modeli. Zaletą...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Pour un bridge de ce niveau de prix, le Pentax X-5 est une bonne opération : objectif passable, capteur BSI CMOS, viseur et écran orientable sont au rendez-vous. En revanche, il y a toujours un fossé de performances entre les bridges à 200-250 € et...

International Review By on

Благодаря грамотному соотношению своих технических характеристик, Pentax X-5 не имеет прямых конкурентов на мировом рынке. Однако тут не обошлось и без существенных недостатков, перечисленных ранее.В общем, Pentax X-5 довольно неплохой фотоаппарат,...

International Review By on

Pentax X-5 с 26-кратным трансфокатором и КМОП-матрицей, которая позволяет реализовать съёмку быстрых серий и Full HD-видео, к тому же оборудована видоискателем и поворотным экраном, прямых конкурентов, в общем-то, не имеет: камеры со схожим ценником...

International Review By Computer Bild on

Prima Qualität bei sinkenden Preisen: AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD hat die digitalen Fotoapparate und DSLRs herausgesucht, mit denen Sie ein echtes Schnäppchen...