Samsung Galaxy NX EK-GN120

  • Samsung Galaxy NX EK-GN120
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  • Android OS and 3G/4G connectivity.
  • Good build quality.
  • Improved battery life.


  • Serious read and write speed issues.
  • Very expensive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Videomaker on

Many today are seasoned users of smartphones and tablets and quite familiar with photo, video and sharing capabilities . Everything from selfies to real-time news stories are shot and uploaded within a matter of seconds. Samsung has taken the "device...

By on 90

Above all the other issues that we have brought up about the Galaxy NX, there's one practical consideration that's paramount: its $1,599.95 price tag. Any way you approach it, it's hard to try to recommend the NX when it costs that much, especially...

By DigitalCameraReview on 70

What to make of the Galaxy NX? As a digital camera it certainly offers up image and video quality superior to that of a smart phone camera, with the ability to customize camera performance with a variety of interchangeable lenses. Overall performance is...

By PCMag on 60

The Samsung Galaxy NX is the company's second attempt at putting Android on a camera, building on the point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera. This time the company went with a mirrorless design, but it's as much held back by its Android operating system as it is helped by it.

By Engadget on 68

Samsung's Galaxy NX may be the first of its kind, but $1,700 is simply too much to shell out for an Android...

By Ubergizmo on

A potentially formidable work tool) There you go, as someone who owns a few types of cameras (DSLR, mirror-less…) I found that adding Android and 4G to a product like this can dramatically improve the workflow for very specific tasks. And that's...

By on

When Samsung unleashed the Galaxy Camera at the end of last year there were two burning questions on everybody's' lips. Firstly, why no voice-calling features on what is essentially a smartphone / camera combo and secondly, when will Android make its way...

By on

Android was originally developed as a smartphone operating system. Since its humble version 1.5 "Cupcake" beginnings, Android has been modified for use in tablets, TV set-top boxes, micro-gaming consoles and more. In the last year, Samsung's been busy...

By Expert Reviews on 60

Unusual, expensive, yet strangely...

By AsiaOne on 100

With the Galaxy NX, Samsung continues its efforts to make cameras more connected. With WiFi, NFC, 4G LTE/3G HSPA and Android, users, especially social media buffs, can now share photos straight from the camera.The camera boasts a 4.8 inch LCD screen...

By Engadget on

If you're curious about the Galaxy NX, head over to a camera store and try one out for yourself, but we can't in good faith recommend that you spend $1,700 on this overpriced hybrid, even if you have the cash to spare.

By Ubergizmo on

Samsung first unveiled its Galaxy NX camera earlier this year during a press event the company held on June 20 in London. Since then, we’ve been hearing more and more in regards to the Galaxy NX, but today, we were able to finally get our hands on...

By DigitalVersus on 80

The Samsung Galaxy NX offers the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility and image quality of an interchangeable lens compact with the versatility and connectivity of a smartphone. Samsung has taken its hybrid camera concept to a new level here....

By TechRadar AU on 80

Ultimately, despite the undoubted improvements, we're still not entirely sure who this camera is aimed at. The professional who has this kind of money to spend on gear like this may get easily frustrated by some of the handling aspects of the camera,...

By ePHOTOzine on 70

For the gadget obsessed, where money is no object, this camera can work well, particularly as a point and shoot camera. If you simply point and shoot without changing many settings, and shoot in JPEG only, you will be extremely pleased with the high...

By PhotographyBLOG on 70

The Galaxy NX is Samsung's new flagship compact system camera. Running on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the Samsung Galaxy NX is the World's first interchangeable-lens camera with built-in 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. The metal-bodied...

By Macworld UK on 80

The Android-powered Galaxy NX might not sit well with OS fans, but a lot about it feels like the future despite the hefty initial price We reckon the Galaxy NX compact system camera is worthy of inclusion here as it’s the world’s first Android...

By camerastuffreviewcom on 86

Not so long ago, I chose the Samsung Galaxy NX as the most innovative camera from 2013, because this camera combines the ease of use of a smartphone or a tablet with the image quality of a digital SLR camera. Without additional tools, you have the...

By Pocket-lint on 80

At £1299 it's the Galaxy NX's price that's a big hurdle to overcome. For our US readers expect to pay $1699. Clearly, this isn't an impulse purchase, and it's not like you can offset some of that cost against the price of a tablet, either, as...

By Amateur Photographer on 82

Essentially, the image performance of the Galaxy NX is on a par with the NX300, with the added advantage of a bigger screen that improves the usability of the touchscreen AF, previewing photos and spot metering. The big selling point is the Android...