Antec Dark Fleet DF-35

  • Antec Dark Fleet DF-35
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  • Hotswap support, Two front access doors, Fan control, Sleek design.
  • Sleek, semimilitary appearance, Excellent cooling with quiet, highquality fans with individual controllers, Room for three 5.25" devices and six 3.5" drives, along with a 3.5" externallyaccessible device, External SATA bay for 2.5" notebook drives or S


  • Lacks basic “toolfree” installation, Front bezel isn’t easily removable, Cheap expansion bay covers (not reusable), Unnecessary motherboard I/O plate, No User Manual
  • High price, Lack of basic features such as cable management, No manual?, Trim pieces impede access to 5.25" devices, SATA backplane convenience obviated by screwin drive mounting

Expert reviews and ratings

By Pro-Clockers on

Do I look the look and styling of the Antec DF-35? Yes, I can honestly say I do. The front facial is far different from anything else on the market. It was cool to see that each drive bay has its own little door. Also to be able to open the front to...

By XSReviews on 80

Once again, Antec have produced an impressive showing in the Dark Fleet range with the bold styling and extensive cooling both proving a hit. There are issues though: take cable management, it’s workable but we’d still like a little more...

By ThinkComputers on 70

Overall I’m not really impressed with this case. It lacks some simple features that even $50 cases have now-a-days. While the sleek design and unique features to make this a nice case, the DF-35 misses some of the basic features that cases should...

By Benchmark Reviews on 78

Antec owns the bulk of the market share for computer cases, and with good reason: their cases historically offer high construction quality, compelling features, and competitive prices. The DF-35, however, seems remiss in each of these categories....

International Review By Hardwarelabs on

Antec, bekannt durch Gaming Gehäuse, Netzteile und Computerzubehör, hat mit der Dark Fleet Serie bereits im vergangenen Jahr vier weitere Computergehäuse für Gamer auf den Markt gebracht. Die Dark Fleet Serie setzt sich aus 3...

International Review By Pc Tuner on

Non c’è dubbio che la consistente revisione a cui è stato sottoposto in questi ultimi mesi il concetto stesso di midi tower ad opera di alcuni grandi produttori abbia contribuito a gettare una luce diversa su questo tipo di cabinet,...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Elk model uit de Dark Fleet serie heeft fans in andere kleuren. Voor de DF-35 is gekozen voor wit, dat geeft de behuizing dus ook een heel eigen uitstraling, althans...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Das Antec Dark Fleet DF-35 ist zweifelsohne ein Midi-Tower, der auch die potenteste Hardware zu kühlen imstande ist. Der Preis, den man neben den aktuell rund 90 Euro Anschaffungskosten zusätzlich dafür zahlen muss, ist allerdings der...

International Review By PC-Max on

fällt daher nicht gerade leicht. Das Gehäuse gestaltet sich außerordentlich vielseitig und ist gerade dadurch optisch noch auffälliger. Der militärisch-industrielle Look ist Geschmackssache, aber auf jeden Fall interessant und...

International Review By on 80

Hannes meint: Nicht nur für LAN-Fans eine Empfehlung! Verarbeitung: 8/10 Platzangebot: 8/10 Montage: 7/10 Kühlung: 9/10 Lautstärke: 7/10 Ausstattung: 9/10 Optik: 8/10 Gewicht: 8/10 Preis: 7/10 Pro+gute Verarbeitung+ausreichendes...

International Review By Traficantes de Hardware on 80

Nos ha gustado Diseño 100% Antec Excelente sistema de refrigeración (4 ventiladores con filtros) Calidad de construcción Interior pintado de negro Número de compartimentos interiores (SSD incl) Control manual de ventiladores Acceso...