Azza Toledo 301 CSAZ-301

  • Azza Toledo 301 CSAZ-301
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  • Accommodates extra-long video cards, Easy installation of 3,5- and 5,25-inch drives, Attractive, mature look.
  • Plenty of drive bays, low price, able to fit large graphics cards, good cooling features, cable management, nice looking exterior.
  • Good feature set; Water cooling options; Easy setup and future expansion options; Inexpensive price without sacrificing quality


  • Installation requires screwdriver, Mounting mechanism for 5,25-inch drives affects all bays at once, Inefficient 3,5-inch caddy design, Top and front panels difficult to remove, Limited front-panel port selection.
  • No USB 3.0

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 60

Despite some handy features and a look that’s intriguing but not gaudy, the AZZA Toledo 301 gaming PC case suffers from some design issues that will discourage hard-core DIYers....

By OverclockersQH on

The Azza Toledo I found to be a awesome case. When they said that they wanted a budget case for gamers they meant it, with the copious amounts of bay space, giant cooling fans and the nice cable management they are certainly giving you your monies...

By Top Review Shop on 80

One of the first and most difficult decisions to make when building a new PC is which case to choose. There is a wide range of options to consider when buying a case. Good looks...

By Legit Reviews on

Azza's Toledo 301 is priced too high with too many poorly designed features, surpassed by better options on the market....

By DreamWare Computers on

In the last year a couple cases from AZZA have passed through our hands here at DreamWare Computers. All of our staff who have had the opportunity to check out the cases from AZZA have all had very good words to say for them considering the great...

By BCCHardware on 82

I found the AZZA Toledo 301 to be constructed well. Its chassis is made of 1mm SECC steel. Although it has a lot of plastic on the front and top, it does not feel flimsy. The tool-less mounting system for HDD and optical drive was easy to use. It...

By Hi Tech Legion on

At first glance I thought that the Toledo 301 looked very familiar to me. I was puzzled because I couldn't put my finger on it. Today, it finally hit me. As a huge gamer, I am exposed to all kinds of "armor" that programmers place in fantasy or...

By Overclockers Club on

The Azza Toledo 301 brings a lot of neat features to the table. It supports a 240mm radiator, so if water cooling is in your area of interest, than this is definitely an option to consider. It also features great tool-less solutions for the hard...

By Hardware Secrets on

The AZZA Toledo 301 comes with a terrific price tag. The manufacturer, however, had to make some concessions. It is a good case for its price range, but users that like features such as air filters will have to pick a different product.Strong...

By Pro-Clockers on

The AZZA Toledo 301 is a nice looking case, we have to admit. The change from the typical fully-mesh front look we are always seeing, is a welcome change. But the Toledo 301 is more than a fresh look as it offers most of the features one would be...

By Ninjalane on

The Azza Toledo 301 is a surprisingly well done midtower case. With several standout features and no real weak points, it is clear the designers put a lot of effort into making a real impact. From the striking blue glow coming from the front bezel as...

By Techgage on

Yes, I came down hard on this case on the previous page, but it's because there are a few things that just make me scratch my head. On one hand, there are motherboard mounting issues with a lack of built-in standoffs and some quality slip-ups during...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

O AZZA Toledo 301 tem um preço excelente nos EUA. O fabricante, no entanto, fez algumas concessões. Ele é um bom gabinete para a sua faixa de preço, mas os usuários que gostam de recursos como filtros de ar terão de optar...