CaseLabs Magnum 8

  • CaseLabs Magnum 8
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  • Incredible quality, Excellent paint job, Extremely well designed mainboard tray, Can easily hold the biggest CPU coolers and longest graphic cards, Actually well priced for those who do not need more than the standard variant, High quality power / reset b


  • No I/O included by default 20 USD upgrade, No dust filters, Assembly a bit more complicated than mainstream cases, Max this case out and your wallet will cry out and probably implode on the spot, Top PSU bay blocks mainboard opening may force you to pull

Expert reviews and ratings

By techPowerUp! on 96

CaseLabs has managed to create an incredible chassis right out of the gates. The MAGNUM M8 will take your breath away with the incredible build quality, excellent choice in components and potent default configuration. Comparing the 360 USD chassis to...

By Overclock3D on 87

Some reviews are so easy to write the words just fall on to the page, at first glance the M8 looked like it would be one of these reviews. Why? I hear you ask, well mainly because of the sheer amount of customisable options it pretty much has an...

International Review By on 100

Det er ikke hver dag at man ser en ny producent på kabinet markedet, og specielt ikke nogle som laver skræddersyede kabinettet, hvor du selv kan bestemme hvilke sider du vil have på, og om der skal være siderude eller lignende. Endnu...