Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry Case

  • Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry Case
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  • Unique looks, All black interior, USB 3.0 including an adapter for USB 2.0, Fan controller for up to four fans/LED strips, Dust filters on all intake areas, Fine metal mesh sides in snail housing shape, Can hold up to five hard drives, Plenty of space for long graphic cards, Easy ODD installation, ODD bay cover, Red LED strip included, Silent fans, Did I mention the cool looks?...


  • Art is not cheap, the same goes for the the PCU6, Only one drive bay, No card reader included, Not all cables are with black sleeving, Rear cover more for show, but mostly in the way, PSU installation very restrictive in the sample

Expert reviews and ratings

By techPowerUp! on 85

Where would one start when describing the PC-U6? It certainly would not be the feature set or the price. The blatantly obvious selling point of this chassis is looks. Nowhere else will you find a chassis of this shape in combination with the quality...

By 3dGameMan on

Video Review: The Lian Li PC-U6 Special Edition Case is the PC-777's little brother. There's really nothing else like it on the market. It has totally unique styling, is all aluminum, fits long video cards, is super lightweight and the build quality...

By Vortez on

Lian Li’s PC-U6 Cowry may well be a marmite case but it demonstrates that Lian Li aren’t shy about designing a chassis with a bit more character. Cowry appeared first at CeBIT 2011 and just recently it featured at Lian Li’s booth over in Taipei for...

By Expreview on

There are many similarities between Lian Li PC-U6 and Silverstone FT03,for example,they all have special design with Micro-ATX type,and can install the most high-end long graphics,maybe their price will be close.In terms of appearance and materials,We...

International Review By on

Lian Li PC-U6 — интересный и очень оригинальный корпус. Как и у других продуктов Lian Li, качество исполнения на хорошем уровне. Внешне корпус напоминает раковину улитки. Решетчатые стенки и обилие перфорационных отверстий максимально облегчают приток...

International Review By on

Корпус Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry в первую очередь можно отнести к моделям оригинальной конструкции, дизайн которых кардинально отличается от общепринятых стандартов. Внешне «Каури» выглядит очень стильно, впечатляющий эффект создает красная...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Wenn eine Firma ein Gehäuse zur Schnecke macht, dann freut sich der Kunde an außergewöhnlichen Formen. Immerhin - im Inneren geht es so richtig rund und auch manch neue Lösung sucht ihresgleichen. Nacktschnecke oder Gourmet-Happen? Wir haben es...

International Review By GinjFo on 85

Le boitier PC-U6 Spécial Edition Cowry est surprenant. Lian Li ose s’aventurer dans un design innovant très loin de l’éternel « cubisme » de l’univers du PC. Dire si nous aimons ou pas importe peu, nous ne pouvons que saluer une telle...