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  • Edgy and unique looks, Four included 120mm fans, Compatibility with extra long expansion cards, Included fans are of a very tolerable noise level
  • Four included 120 mm fans, Toolless installation for both hard drives and optical drives, Can fit the largest of video cards, Side window with available 120 mm fan mounting option, Removable HDD bay, Removable dust filter for power supply, Bottom mounted


  • Second set of 3.5" drive bays will need to be removed for compatibility with most power supplies
  • Exterior casing may be obscure for some, Limited space for large power supplies, Difficult use of provided cable management cutaway holes

Expert reviews and ratings

By 3dGameMan on

Video Review: The Raidmax Aeolus Case is an affordable mid-tower case with lots of great features. Aeolus is the god of the winds, so this case has lots of ventation provided by 4 120mm fans and more optional ones can be installed. Also, video cards...

By Hardware-Pacers on 98

The stylish and futuristic look of the Aeolus is second only to the functionality and features this computer case comes bundled with. The cool lighted look will make this chassis a great centerpiece for any desk or computer room. With a huge...

By DreamWare Computers on

In ancient Greek mythology, Aeolus was the ruler of the winds. When directed by the higher gods, he would release the winds as breezes or gales - or whatever the gods wished. Had the gods had computers, they would have likely summoned Aeolus to keep...

By techPowerUp! on 87

Raidmax has upped their game with the Aeolus, many improvements over recent additions are well received. Moving the power supply down to the bottom of the case and including a removable dust filter is a very nice improvement. The four included fans...

By Akihabara News on

A couple of weeks ago we received this nice piece of blue delight from RaidMax. This baby is called AEOLUS, derived from Greek mythology as the “Ruler of the winds”. In essence a son of Poseidon, yet I wouldn’t recommend pouring water...

International Review By on

Raidmax'in dikkat çekici tasarıma sahip ve adını Yunan mitolojisindeki rüzgarların efendisi Aeolustan alan kasasını inceliyoruz.Güncelleme: Raidmax'den aldığımız bilgiye göre...

International Review By on

Sıradışı hatlara sahip olan Raidmax Aeolus soğutma anlamında iddialı. Kasada dört tane 120 mm fan standart olarak yer alıyor ama bunlardan sadece biri içeri hava alıyor. Örneğin arka...