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  • Plenty of drive space, four 120mm fans, nice looking design.
  • Easy to install drives, expansion cards; five fans; available in different colors
  • Plenty of cooling, Large side panel window, Plain, yet flashy design, Toolfree installation options.


  • Cable management is sketchy, airflow throughout the case and accessibility near the processor could be better.
  • Unpainted innards; somewhat flimsy construction, considering price; no support for liquid cooling

Expert reviews and ratings

By Top Review Shop on 70

Raidmax has long been a common name in computer cases and cooling solutions. While not necessarily known for over-the-top designs or cutting edge technology, their products have always been very competively priced. The chasis we are looking at here...

By Icrontic on

Raidmax has been around for years, and provided many enthusiasts with quality cases such as the popular Aura and IceCube. Their newest entrant to their “Elite” line of cases is the Skyline: A mid-tower ATX chassis with plenty of included...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

It seems to me that not much thought went into the functionality of the Raidmax Skyline. The bulk of the work went into a glossy finish and brushed aluminum front bezel. The cooling is excellent, but you would do well to pull out the fans and use...

By Computer Shopper on 69

The Skyline earns points for tool-free installation features and abundant cooling, but this ATX case needed to be better built for the price....

By Pureoverclock on

The overall aesthetics of the RaidMAX Skyline is quite nice from the outside, and when powered up, it looks rather sharp with the windowed side panel. The design isn’t too aggressive or ostentatious, but it’s certainly not conservative...

By ThinkComputers on 80

While the Raidmax Skyline does offer some nice features and looks to the case, it doesn’t seem to have the quality material, mainly the plastic, for a case of this price. Some of the plastic used on the case seems extremely cheap, especially on...

By High Tech Reviews on

While this case may not be for everyone, it does serve a purpose. That purpose being to allow people on a very tight budget to obtain an attractive enclosure and a very affordable price. The case will not standup to a great deal of abuse due to the...

By Overclockers Club on

The Raidmax Skyline exceeded my expectations with the way it performed. The idle temps were lower than most of the comparison cases, but began to fall apart compared to the other cases once temperatures increased to load conditions. As I stated on...

By Hi Tech Legion on

When I first started this review, I was hesitant to move the components of my old P4 system into a new case; there is always something that can go wrong when dealing with electronic components and there is always that nail biting moment just before...

By BCCHardware on 80

We have reviewed quite a few cases over the years here at BCCHardware and many of them have come from NZXT, Thermaltake and Zalman. NZXT generally wins in the value department while Thermaltake cases are always classy and well built. Zalman cases...

By Testfreaks on 60

The Raidmax Skyline case is one that looks good on the outside but just has quite a few problems on the inside.The installation process is overall easy, but the few problem areas can make the whole process frustrating really.The Skyline is silent,...