ThermalTake V9 VJ40001W2Z

  • ThermalTake V9 VJ40001W2Z
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  • Efficient airflow design, Room for just about any components, Nice but simplistic lighting, Top mounted USB and audio ports, Liquid cooling system ready, Decent amount of drive expansion availability, Sturd
  • Great cooling compared to cheaper cases, Has enough room to fit the latest video cards and power supplys, Has pre-drilled holes for external water cooling, Toolless design for drives works decently, Bottom mounted power supply
  • Beautiful appearance, Lots of drives bays for expansion, Great air flow, A giant 230mm fan, Easy drive installs, Just the right size and weight


  • None
  • Inside is not black, Lacking cable management options, Kind of flimsy

Expert reviews and ratings

By Hi Tech Legion on

Now heres the part where I tell you whether or not you should buy this case! If youre on a budget, Id STRONGLY recommend this case, especially if youre a gamer! It's a strongly built case that can easily house a...

By HardwareLogic on 85

The Thermaltake V9 is a very nice mid tower case. Installing a system into it is easy, and it features well-designed tool-less systems to get you up and running quickly. The case is built well and includes some very nice features for its price. The...

By Modders-Inc on 80

When I think of a "Gaming Case", I personally feel the strength has to be there, followed up with some great cooling. I know a lot of LANers are more concerned with weight than anything else, seeing that they have to tote the rig around. I would have...

By BrightHub on 100

At first impression the V9 is a nicely designed case. When looks matter this case certainly is a looker,...

By Pureoverclock on

New ideas often originate, ironically, from other ideas. We see something, figure out what makes it successful, then dream up ways to improve it and tweak it, then set out to make it a reality, hoping that we actually do make something better by the...

By Bjorn3D on 75

Overall, I am pleased with the Thermaltake V9 Marvelous Gaming Case as a companion to my Intel rig. It keeps everything nice and cool and is pretty attractive sitting on my desk too. What this case lacks in cable management or looks it balances out...

By Overclockers Club on

I must say Thermaltake has done it again. Using old and new design ideas it has created a great mid tower case with plenty of features for a decent price. This case has great airflow with just the included fans. It would have been even better if...

By ThinkComputers on 90

The front intake fan is a red LED fan and emits a nice blue glow from the bezel. All three fans are surprisingly quiet considering Im running them at 12v. As wed expect from Thermaltake, the V9 is a nice steel midtower. There is enough here to make...

By Ninjalane on 80

The Thermaltake V9 is a great case for the value segment user. Being able to have all of the new cool features of some of the higher end cases makes it a great choice for the gamer on a budget. The V9 has just overall great looks that will grab...

By TweakNews on

Well, Thermaltake's V9 gaming case is a mixed bag. The aesthetics I like a lot, and the cooling performance should support even the most demanding gaming hardware. The fans move a lot of air and are quiet enough to satisfy the vast majority of...

By Hardware Secrets on

Thermaltake V9 is a mid-tower case targeted to gamers that want a case with a big fan on the top and dont want to buy a more expensive full-tower unit. Here is a summary of what we found about this case.Strong PointsUse of a big 230-mm (with...

By on

This is a nice case, probably half an inch smaller than most but everything fits pretty well into it. It has most of the normal features that these cases have but the case is high quality which I really have noticed when building a silent setup in it....

International Review By ExtraHardware on

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International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Thermaltake hat mit dem V9 ein Gehuse geschaffen, das insbesondere bei Gamern Zuspruch finden drfte. Die Ziele sind klar definiert, und so kommt das Gehuse mit einer Flle an Khlungsoptionen daher. Insgesamt knnen bis...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

O Thermaltake V9 um gabinete torre-mdia voltado para os entusiastas em jogos que querem um gabinete com uma ventoinha grande na parte superior e no querem comprar um caro gabinete torre-grande (full-tower). Aqui...