Xigmatek Midgard Rev 3




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By proclockers.com on

The Xigmatek Midgard III sure is stealthy and silent with class. If you are looking for such chacteristics for your build, this is certainly the chassis for you. Based on our observation, there isn't really much competition when it comes to stealthy and...

By Overclockers Club on

Let us recap my reasoning and scoring method before diving into my final words. First I look at what the company is saying it offers. For example, say the company states the case supports large / long graphics cards or ten quiet fans. In this example, I...

International Review By coolaler.com on

Xigmatek MIDGARD III 與二代外觀截然不同,雖然是同樣樸素、低調,但採靜音取向,在防塵的部份有加以著墨,幾乎是看不到孔洞的隱藏式氣孔設計,不過內部僅預裝1顆12公分風扇,散熱預設的情況下恐怕會有點不夠力,建議起碼多安裝兩顆(前1頂1)。而內部則是與二代採用相同架構,基本的擴充與支援度沒問題,CPU散熱器高度16公分、顯卡33公分、6個3.5/2.5吋、可拆卸硬碟模組架、4個USB...等,但感覺就是少了驚喜。至於 Qi 無線充電的部份,是不是亮點?就端看個人需求了。回文抽獎活動想要嘗鮮...