Cooler Master Jetflo Series case fan

  • Cooler Master Jetflo Series case fan
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By Neoseeker on

When it comes to purchasing case fans, it is important to properly determine the purpose of doing so. For some, it means adding some airflow to hot components while for others it may be the desire to reduce noise levels. With the JetFlo 120 fans, Cooler...

By on

The Jetflo 120 retails at around RM 50 but it's a really solid fan that's well worth the consideration, especially for the rattle free and ease of installation. The was the fan used in the cable management article. ...

By Vortez on

– Sickle Flow XThe Sickle Flow X fans are prototypes. This seems surprising, since they came in retail boxes printed especially for them. The Sickle Flow blade shape has a gentle slope, a moderately broad chord and a highly swept leading edge. Given...

By on

Cooler Master calls their POM bearing a “Fourth Generation” bearing. After the Sickle Flow X, the Jetflo has what I am tempted to call the second generation of their POM bearing. Can something be the second generation of a fourth generation? The...

By Hi Tech Legion on

The JetFlo left me pondering the question if there is, in fact, justifiable fan noise. I have stated many times that that the only thing that may be worse about most AiO liquid coolers than their performance/cost may be their performance/noise. While...

By on

The Cooler Master JetFlo 120 fans are unique in almost every way you can think of. From their one-of-a-kind frame design to the inboard-mounted LED lighting the Cooler Master JetFlo 120 cooling fan is totally new. Add to that a staggering ~95CFM max...

By Modders-Inc on

More advanced features such as steel threaded mounting and rubber pads further improve acoustic properties while the JetFlo fans are active. It is surprising that steel threaded mounts have not become the standard yet and many fans' plastic housing still...

International Review By Tweakers on 80

De prijs kwaliteit verhouding is bij deze fan uitermate goed, en deze fan is inzetbaar in een groot scala aan systemen. Van de simpele game pc tot de servers die sterke koeling nodig hebben. Voor deze prijs krijg je een goede fan met een mooie...

International Review By Tweakers on 100

Wellicht niet de meest spannende review om te zien, maar ook niet-led ventilatoren verdienen enige aandacht. De Cooler Master JetFLo heeft mij een tevreden gebruiker gemaakt met z’n flinke kracht op stillere settings, en z’n Jet-Turbine kracht op volle...

International Review By Tweakers on 80

Een conclusie kan ik niet echt trekken voor iedereen, maar ik zal mijn best doen. Ga je voor stilte, dan kan je deze Cooler Master JetFlo fans overwegen, maar er zijn denk ik wel wat betere opties als je echt voor stilte gaat. Ga je voor maximale...