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  • Excellent thermal transfer, Sturdy design, Looks, PWM fan, Ease of installation


  • The missing cap

Expert reviews and ratings

By Overclockers Online on

Evercool has released a mid-range CPU heat sink that performs exactly the way they intended it to. Equipped with 3 heat pipes running through slim, attractive aluminum fins, cooled by a powerful 2200RPM 120mm fan (with room for an additional 120mm...

By TweakTown on 85

At this point I am going to get right down to reality. There is quite a bit to consider when looking at the Transformer 3. Most notable is the pricing - I mean there are only two coolers that come to mind that really compare here; the and maybe...

By Bjorn3D on 75

As the tests have shown, an aftermarket cooler can reduce CPU temperatures greatly. The EVERCOOL Transformer 3 CPU cooler is a sturdy, well designed product. It's ability to dissipate heat makes it well suited for use on an overclocked processor. It...

By Kitguru.net on 80

Today we are going to examine the Evercool Transformer 3 CPU cooler. The cooler is a tower style heatsink that uses direct touch heatpipe technology to increase it’s performance capabilities and it is compatible with both AMD and Intel processors....

By TechReaction.net on

In the main, the Evercool Transformer 3 performed admirably; topping out at 35dB, the cooler’s noise level was negligible compared to high performance coolers (such as the Thermaltake Frio) while still performing well at stock speeds. The only...

By FrostyTech on

Weighing in at 630 grams, Evercool's Transformer 3 heatsink is compatible with socket 775/1155/1156/1366 Intel CPUs and socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM3 AMD processors. As with so many other heatsinks, the Evercool Transformer 3 features three exposed 6mm...

By Hardware Secrets on

The Evercool Transformer 3 is a good mainstream cooler. It has a reasonable cooling performance, with good noise level and a pretty appearance. It is also easy to install, and you have an option to mount it with two fans.It is a shame that,...

By Viperlair on

This is the second Evercool review we’ve done, and only my second experience with an Evercool product and I have to say that I really like the Evercool Transformer 3. It’s not as large as some coolers out there, and as a result it’s...

By Club Overclocker on 90

The Transformer 3 is a very nice heatsink. It performed very well against the retail heatsink. The estimated price is only $28. This is a great price and is worth the upgrade over a stock cooler. Evercool has designed the Transformer 3 to...

International Review By HardwareMX on

En la actualidad los sistemas de alto y mediano rendimiento han hecho un boom en nuestro país y los medios y la Internet han hecho que el conocimiento de estos crezca a pasos agigantados. Muchos gamers, profesionales y entusiastas en general son...

International Review By CowcotLand on

Evercool est une marque plutôt ancienne sur le marché du refroidissement, mais peu diffusée en Europe. Il faut dire que la marque ne jouit pas d'une image très prestigieuse, et pourtant. Avec son Transformer 3, nous avons un...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

O Evercool Transformer 3 é um bom cooler médio. Ele tem um desempenho razoável, com bom nível de ruído e visual maneiro. Ele também é fácil de instalar, e você tem a opção de montá-lo com uma...