Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme Perf

  • Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme Perf
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  • Performs very well, Price is spot on, Simple install method, Comes with both 1156 and 1366 retention plates, Comes with fittings, clamps, and quality thermal paste, Swiftech quality and support


  • It doesn't come with a pump, radiator, and tubing for $69 USD :P

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By Pureoverclock on

One of the most critical core cooling components in a modern PC is undoubtedly the processor and its cooling. Typically, most systems rely on an air cooling solution for the CPU heatsink, as theyre generally the most cost efficient and easy to...

By Bjorn3D on 93

Without question, the Apogee XT is the new king in Swiftech's CPU cooling line up. Beating a lapped GTZ by a full 2C during load is no easy feat. Because of the XT's internal design we can only see temperatures improving with a higher flowing...

International Review By HardwareOverclock on 92

Wie man an der zusammenfassenden Bewertung sehen kann, haben sich die beiden Khler von Swiftech und EK Waterblocks still und heimlich an die Spitze setzen knnen. Ein Grund dafr ist die ppige Zubehr, die sehr...

International Review By EffizienzGurus on

s schon klar ist, bevor die Finger die passenden Tasten auf der Tastatur drcken sollen. Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle an Swiftech!Eines muss man Swiftech lassen: Sie haben den Mut, den Heatkiller 3.0 offiziell herauszufordern. Das alleine ist schon...