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Expert reviews and ratings

By BeHardware on

At the end of this roundup, two models stand out:- The Thermalright Silver Arrow- The Noctua NH-U12P SE2Let’s start with the Silver Arrow, the highest performance solution among those we’ve looked at here. Though this cooler does cool very...

By Vortez on

On first impressions, I was left a little underwhelmed by the Archon given the hype surrounding the cooler and Thermalright’s claim that it can outperform the legendary Venomous X. Certainly, its performance both at stock and overclocked speeds...

By Fudzilla on

Today we’ll talk about Thermalright Archon CPU cooler, which launched sometime towards the end of 2010. Weighing in at 806g (without the fan and socket mounting parts) and measuring 17cm in height, Archon is a heavyweight CPU cooler with imposing...

By Real World Labs on

Thermalright is one of those companies which would only surprise us had they built a bad CPU Cooler, yes that is something that would surprise us more than anything, but having built yet another great cooler as the Archon really comes as no...

By X-bit Labs on

Well, what can I say? Thermalright designed a truly magical cooler. Although two-array heatsinks are currently extremely popular, Archon turned out just as efficient as Silver Arrow, and with two fans attached to it, it proved even more efficient. In...

By HardOCP on

So I am going to just come right out and say it. The Archon is a great CPU cooler with some great features but it is a bad value. The Archon performance is in line with the Venomous X. However the Venomous X can be found for less after even adding the...

International Review By Nexthardware on 100

Il Thermalright Archon si è rivelato un dissipatore molto efficente e dagli ingombri decisamente contenuti.Il lavoro svolto dai tecnici Thermalright è notevole ed evidenzia le grandi doti progettuali di questa azienda, che si concretizzano,...

International Review By PC-Experience on

Der Altmeister hat die Ellenbogen ausgefahren und sich erneut Platz verschafft, der Thermalright Silver Arrow setzt sich an die Spitze unserer Kühlerliste und beim Archon beweist Thermalright, wieviel per Feinschliff noch herauszuholen ist. Mehr war...

International Review By Technic3D on 91

Auch mit dem Archon CPU-Kühler kann Thermalright wieder die Redaktion überzeugen. Sehr gute Verarbeitung und ein guter Lieferumfang setzen sich zur hervorragenden Kühlleistung und dem gut zum Gesamtpaket passenden Lüfter. Allerdings...

International Review By on

Archon rządzi! To fakt. Przemyślana konstrukcja nowego radiatora Thermalrighta, sześć rurek cieplnych o średnicy sześciu milimetrów, gigantyczna powierzchnia odprowadzania ciepła, niebagatelna wysokość i...

International Review By DeXgo on

Mit dem Archon stellte Thermalright seinen ersten Tower-Kühler vor, welcher primär auf 140-mm-Lüfter ausgelegt ist. Dieser wird in der typischen braunen Verpackung ausgeliefert, welche wenig Informationen aber viel Schutz bietet. Der...

International Review By PC-Max on

Auch mit dem Archon ist Thermalright erneut ein relativ guter Wurf gelungen. So kann sich der Kühler in fast allen Szenarios gegen den hauseigenen Venomous X durchsetzen und sogar dem deutlich größeren Silver Arrow Konkurrenz machen. Vor...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on 84

Die Grundform des Archon unterscheidet sich deutlich von den Modellen HR-02 und Silver Arrow, die Thermalright kürzlich vorgestellt hat. Es handelt sich weder um einen annähernd würfelförmigen Kühlkörper mit relativ...