ThermalTake Mobile Fan 12 AF0007

  • ThermalTake Mobile Fan 12 AF0007
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  • Does what it is supposed to do, Fan is quiet.
  • Performs as advertised, Nifty cable reel, Compact and portable, Built in fan speed controller, Quiet.
  • Works well, Silent on low, Simple and easy to use.


  • Pointless at low speed, No adjustment on the stand, No power button
  • Uhhh…why?, Not very attractive.

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By Legit Reviews on

Thermaltake has made a product for the geeks of the world to enjoy. With a good build quality and honest specifications they have definitely done their job but price leaves a little to be...

By Pureoverclock on

If you are like me and spend a great deal of time at the computer then the Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 might be for you. You can definitely feel the cooler air blowing across your fingers and face which does feel nice on those hot summer days. The...

By ThinkComputers on 60

Well if you are at the computer and do a lot of typing this may be the product for you. Having a nice stream of air blow across your fingers while working is quite relaxing and makes you feel more comfortable. The fan even at its highest speed is very...

By TweakNews on

Thermaltake's Mobile Fan 12 seems to be a product in search of a purpose, from my perspective anyway. It's actually quite well done and functions as it should, but I just don't see the need for it, and I imagine it will wreak havoc with a...

By Pro-Clockers on

I found that the Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 can be use for than those that Thermaltake indicate. Yes, it is meant to be used on a desktop surface to blow across your keyboard to keep your fingers as well as your laptop cool and to help to prevent...

By Bonafide Reviews on 100

The Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 is a fine product in itself, it works and works well. It’s a 120mm fan that’s used to cool you, and not your computer, and for that it works well. The only issues I have is that I don’t quite get the point...