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By on 80

The Bada 2010 is only worth considering if you can’t fit a larger cooler, such as the Tranquillo or Dark Rock Advanced, into your case. The Tranquillo is a better buy for LGA1155 owners. It’s cheaper, produced better cooling and was much...

By X-bit Labs on

The cooler is compatible with all contemporary platforms and uses the same installation principles as Baram2010. You will need to attach the retention loops in a little bit different manner for the AMD platform than...

By BCCHardware on 87

The Thermolab BADA 2010 is a new revision of the original BADA cooler that we took a look at almost a year ago (full review of the original BADA can be found here). The biggest difference we found between the two coolers was pretty much just the box,...

By FrostyTech on 90

Thermolab's BADA2010 heatsink is equipped with one 95mm PWM fan mounted to the heatsinks' raw aluminum fins with permanently attached rubber vibration absorbing posts....

International Review By on

ครับผม สำหรับ Thermolab BADA 2010...