Zalman CNPS10X Performa

  • Zalman CNPS10X Performa
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  • Build Quality.
  • 120mm 2000RPM Fan Included.
  • CPU Compatibility.


  • Noise Levels.
  • Installation is a little more involved than other coolers.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Hardware Secrets on

The Zalman CNPS10X cooler family is really a great team. As with the CNPS10X Extreme and the CNPS10X Flex that we have already reviewed, the CNPS10X Performa is an excellent cooler, justifying its name. It performed practically as well as the CNPS10X...

By Real World Labs on

Having reviewed the CNPS10X Performa i finally know, even after 2 decades, why Zalman is considered to be one of the best companies in the CPU Cooling industry. The CNPS10X Performa is a great CPU Cooler with great build quality, rich...

By X-bit Labs on

As for Zalman CNPS10X Performa, we totally admire it. In fact, this product has only one drawback: unbalanced fan with “floating” noise level. It is up to you to decide how significant this issue is for your particular case, but it won’t be a problem to...

By TweakNews on

The Zalman CNPS10X Performa surprised me with its performance regardless of its cheap price tag. Even with less surface area and lighter materials, the Performa is still a very well made cooler for the money. Throughout the reviewing and testing,...

By Hi Tech Legion on

I was very satisfied with the Zalman CNPS10X Performa. It performed very well; the smooth and flat copper base helped keep the CPU core temperature only a few degrees above ambient temperature while idling. Under load, the temperatures were still kept...

By Guru of 3D on

on a CPU cooler these days. With that in mind the went back to the drawing board, trying to uphold the quality standards their other cooler have, then came up with a new design, stripped away the more flashy and gimmicky items and bingo, a new child...

By Legit Reviews on

I think Zalman has released a solid cooler that will fit in anyone's budget....

By Bigbruin on

After spending some time with the Zalman CNPS10X Performa heatpipe CPU cooler, I can honestly say I'm impressed. Most of the time I could hardly tell it was there. When the time came for gaming, video encoding, or any other tasking application, the...

By ComputerPowerUser on 90

With an expected street price near the $30 mark, the CNPS10X Performa is a great all-around cooler. In its stock form, the Performa should please quiet-computing and mainstream users, while enthusiasts can opt for a dual-fan configuration for extreme...

By Benchmark Reviews on

The Zalman CNPS10X-Performa heatsink keeps the five 6mm copper heatpipe rods used for other CNPS10X-series coolers, but improves the finsink design with more aggressive central bands of rippled aluminum fins and allows a second 120mm fan to be mounted...

By ThinkComputers on 100

The Zalman 10X Performa had no problem whatsoever keeping the hot temps of the 130 watt Core i7 920 to manageable levels. The 10X Extreme remains the best air cooler I’ve used with the i7 920, and the Performa was only three degrees higher. The...

By FrostyTech on 81

Zalman's CNPS10X Performa is standard in most other respects. It's equipped with a 120mm PWM fan that ranges in speed from 900RPM to 1350RPM with the RC24P PWM-resistor attached, 2000RPM under full power....

International Review By on 85

Jeg kan ikke huske hvornår jeg sidst har haft fat i et Zalman produkt og for mig har de nærmest ikke eksisteret de sidste mange år. Det er selvfølgelig ikke sandheden og der findes skam også en masse Zalman udstyr på...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

A família CNPS10X da Zalman é realmente excelente. Assim como o CNPS10X Extreme e o CNPS10X Flex que analisamos anteriormente, o CNPS10X Performa é um ótimo cooler, justificando seu nome. Ele saiu-se praticamente tão bem quanto...

International Review By mato78 on

On jälleen tullut aika tutkia mitä uutta ja mullistavaa on edellisen prosessorijäähdytinvertailumme jälkeen jäähdytysrintamalla tapahtunut. Selkeästi on huomattavissa, että uusia merkkejä on tullut markkinoille. Vahvasti muisteistaan tunnettu Corsair...