Falcon Northwest Talon Core i7

  • Falcon Northwest Talon Core i7
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  • Fast.
  • Expandable.
  • Both USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 technology.


  • No media card reader.
  • No Blu-ray drive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By G4tv.com on 100

Video Review: With over a decade in the gaming PC business, Falcon Northwest now brings the Talon to the market. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn review the steel encased gaming PC with its Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GTX 480 video card and more for...

By Computer Shopper on 80

Falcon Northwest's latest Talon would be a media star with the addition of a Blu-ray drive and media card reader. But without them it can still run games and productivity software about as well as recent systems that cost much more....

By PC Mag on 90

Think of the Editors' Choice winning Falcon Northwest Talon (Core i7-875K) as the performance luxury model of gaming desktops: You get to the same game grid, but it's sleeker, a bit faster, and has a lot more prestige than entry level game...

By ExtremeTech on 90

Five years ago, $2,500 was the price point for an "entry-level" gaming desktop; now, you can buy a perfectly respectable gaming rig for as little as $1,300. The new Falcon Northwest Talon ($2,499 direct, $2,895 with optional paintwork) is proof that...

By cnet on 78

Falcon Northwest's goal with this Talon build is to highlight the overclocking benefits of a new unlocked Core i7 CPU from Intel. Though the chip proves effective, we're more impressed with Falcon's ability to streamline its configuration....

By PC Mag on 70

The Falcon Northwest Talon (Core i7-860) continues the series benchmark dominance over rivals. It doesnt win every benchmark; instead, it shares that spotlight with the previous Talon we...

By cnet on 83

Falcon Northwests revamped, mainstream-oriented Talon gaming desktop puts its best redesigned foot forward with a new case and a strong, price-competitive configuration built around Intels latest batch of Core i7 CPUs. Shop around, as many vendors...