Gateway SX2840-01

  • Gateway SX2840-01
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  • Small and quiet enclosure, Multitude of ports and expansion for such a small PC, Great specs at such a cheap price.
  • Beautiful jetblack case reduces external clutter, Plenty of memory and storage.
  • Compact. Multimedia content creation power. New Core i3 CPU. HDMI port. Some expandability.


  • Traditional Gateway bloatware, No wireless networking, Lacks BluRay drive.
  • No DVI support (VGA or HDMI only)

Expert reviews and ratings

By ConnectReviews on

If you're looking for a PC for your living room and HDTV or just a small, compact PC for tight spaces, you're in luck. The Gateway SX2840-01 desktop might be just for you. Does the small form factor sacrifice power? Find out after the break. The...

By Dev Hardware on

If you're in the market for a budget desktop, you might want to consider the Gateway SX2840-01 and the HP Pavilion Slimline s5310y. Both deliver decent performance and, in the case of Gateway, surprising versatility; unfortunately, they also come...

By InfoWorld on

You get what you pay for with the Gateway SX2840-01. Its limited potential for future upgrades and the omission of DVI are considerable issues, but its general performance is very strong. If you don't mind the few flaws, the SX2840-01 is a shining...

By PCWorld on 90

In spite of a lapse in connection options and limited upgradability, the SX2840-01 is a speedy little monster with a budget price....

By TechReviewSource on 60

The SX2840-01 from Gateway features the new Intel Core i3-530 CPU in a small-form factor desktop computer that has a small price to go with it. Its multimedia features are aimed and media-enthusiasts and offers decent performance.The Gateway...

By PC Mag on 70

The Gateway SX2840-01 is an inexpensive Intel Core i3-powered multimedia-oriented desktop for the user that needs more power for photo or video projects. It's compact and has a decent group of features. However a bunch of bloatware and other...

By cnet on 79

Gateway's SX2840-01 remains the budget PC to beat. Its combination of small size, fast performance, and living room competence make it one of the most flexible desktops on the market. That it has room to upgrade makes the deal that much sweeter. We...

By CrunchGear on

Short version: Gateway’s SX2840 is an ideal computer for someone who needs a good basic computer. It feels fast enough that it’s not annoying, and it’s perfect for pretty much everything except hardcore gaming. I’d even go so far...

By Computer Shopper on 80

This quiet slimline PC offers excellent performance for the money. It's a good choice if you don't play 3D games....

By on 80

Pros: Strong Core i Series Processor, Large Hard Drive, Well Priced

Cons: Integrated Graphics, Could Really Use Wireless Networking