HP Pavilion MS214

  • HP Pavilion MS214
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  • Bright screen.
  • Good build quality.
  • Good onboard sound.


  • No 1080p HD playback.
  • Only 802.11g WiFi (no N).

Expert reviews and ratings

By CNET Australia on 78

It won't thrill any Apple fans into not buying an iMac, but HP's latest all-in-one is quietly powerful at an acceptable price...

By Good Gear Guide on 60

A step up from the Pavilion All-In-One MS212a, this beefier HP PC gives you faster media encoding and the ability play older games. Though better value options are available, this desktop PC should be suitable for families....

By PC Advisor on 80

The HP Pavilion MS214 offers Windows 7, host of useful software, great screen quality, and good overall performance. If you're looking for a nice balance between budget and speed, the HP Pavilion MS214 is the all-in-one PC for you. Jayesh Shinde...

By PCWorld India on 80

The HP Pavilion MS214 retails for Rs. 36,990 -- some Rs. 4,000 more than the IdeaCentre C300. For that extra cost, you get Windows 7, host of useful software, great screen quality, and good overall performance. If you're looking for a nice balance...

By PCWorld on 70

The 18.5-inch MS214 delivers a decent mix of features, performance, and price--so long as you can do without a touchscreen and slow networking....

By InfoWorld on 70

HP's MS214 is a big, fast (for its price) all-in-one system that's really rivaled only by the MSI and Dell machines mentioned earlier. So if you're looking to balance budget and speed, you'll find lots of appeal in the...

By JusTech'n on 84

Overall the Pavilion MS214 is a very low end computer, but if you don’t need or want to play games or watch 1080p movies, then this should be good enough.The price is also matched to the hardware. At just under $600 this seems to be a decent...

By Electronista on 80

For only $600, the MS214 is a fairly sleek all-in-one computing option as long as your expectations match the price tag; don’t expect much in the way of extra software or horsepower and you'll come away content. Do expect an easy to use home...

By Hardware Central on 73

We've all done it: walked out of a store having spent more than we planned walking in. is hoping that consumers will walk out having spent $600 -- that instead of just buying a software upgrade for an aging system, they'll take the opportunity...

By Computer Shopper on 76

This understated, compact all-in-one has more muscle than Atom-powered models. It's a safe pick if your budget is locked at $600, but much brawnier PCs cost just $100 more....

By PC Mag on 80

The HP Pavilion All-in-One MS214 all-in-one desktop is a good choice if you're in the market for a moderately priced PC with a screen bigger than just about any...

By About.com on 60

Pros: Inexpensive, Very Good LCD Display, More Features Than Nettop Based AllInOnes

Cons: Still Has Limited Performance Compared To Traditional Desktops, Keyboard And Mouse Not Wireless, Feel Cheap