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  • Unstoppable performance, Innovative vertical airflow design, Solid, attractive and unique case, White-glove packaging, assembly quality and service, Reliable despite white-knuckle overclocking.
  • The large amount of memory and nice graphics card were nice additions.
  • TriSLI Fermi and 4GHz Gulftown equals pure joy.


  • Connecting cables up top can be inconvenient
  • The lack of a few support features on Maingears site could be improved.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on

Here's the scenario: You're bored one night surfing the Internet and you decide to do a mock build of your dream PC. Whether through your favorite e-tailer or a boutique system builder, you find yourself piecing together the ultimate powerhouse....

By Bright Side of News on

The Maingear Shift is by far one of the slickest and best built systems that we have encountered from recent history and we would gladly entrust our friends and family with a system from Maingear. There were admittedly some bumps on the road, but that...

By Techworld on

Price isn't a factor in our reviews, and it becomes especially superfluous when reviewing built-to-order systems. But the Super Stock Shift still sits in a precarious position. You'll be hard pressed to match the blisteringly fast data transfer...

By Digital Trends on 85

Maingears Shift flips conventional case design on its head with a unique vertical airflow design that enables uncompromising performance....

By on

Video Review: PC gaming means taking video games to the extreme, which means Maingear's Shift Extreme may be the perfect fit. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip review this gaming PC with its redesigned case, Intel Hexa-core processor, NVIDIA GTX 480...

By TopTenREVIEWS on 75

If you want a product made by gamers and want to save a little money this may be a good choice for...

By HotHardware on

The SHIFT's overclocked CPU and additional cores push it well ahead of even overclocked quad-core 45nm Nehalem systems and put it on equal footing with the Alienware Area-51 we recently tested. The GTX 480s at the heart of the machine may not always...

By Maximum PC on 90

Tri-SLI Fermi and Gulftown will make any boy smile It’s no secret that Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 480 cards are the hottest piece of technology people want to gawk at right now. Hell, we were barely able to obtain one of these coveted babies for...

By PC Mag on 90

The Maingear Shift both promises and delivers a more mature gaming experience. That's not to say it's solely for Mature-audience games, rather it's the hardcore gamer's PC for when he's older (and wealthier). Way too wordy. Just give...

By Dev Hardware on

Hardcore gamers who take their hobby seriously and don't mind investing in a high-end gaming desktop should enjoy the Maingear Shift. It is highly customizable when ordering, can be upgraded afterward, and provides excellent performance...

By PCWorld on

You might not find a faster (or flashier) system than Maingears Shift, but that doesnt mean this beautiful monster is perfectly priced for its performance....

By Wired on 80

Okay, let's get this over with at the start: $7,000 is more than any reasonable person would pay for a PC. But someone buying a gaming PC is, by definition, not a reasonable person. So let's put the price aside for the moment and take a look at...

By Computer Shopper on 87

It topped $7,000 in our test configuration, but this over-the-top hyper-PC is a true tech showpieceand its superior custom case is available even in its $2,199 base model....