Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01

  • Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01
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  • The Pioneer AppRadio gives iPhone users access to a large capacitive touch screen for app and media selection and hands-free calling. An external microphone and a GPS antenna enhance the iPhone's hands-free call quality and positioning accuracy, respe


  • Third-party apps can't be switched between from within the AppRadio interface, so you'll have to use the iPhone's touch screen. At launch, only four third-party apps were supported. A shortage of physical connections limits hardware expandabil

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By Engadget on

Pioneer's ambitious journey into iOS vehicle integration surveys some important ideas. But on the journey, they've skipped over some of the most vital functions of listening to music in the car. In the end, the whole package still just makes us...

By cnet on 67

Pioneer's AppRadio has great potential as a cost-effective way to add touch-screen iPhone app control to a car's dashboard, but interface and multitasking issues will prove frustrating for early...

International Review By on 100

Man kommt nicht drumherum, zu sagen, dass das SPH-DA01 derzeit das Nonplusultra für das iPhone ist. Kein anderes Radio verschreibt sich dem Apple-Telefon so konsequent, zeigt sich dabei so bedienfreundlich und ist dabei so unglaublich...