Asus GeForce GTX 460 DirectCu 1GB GDDR5 PCIe DIRECTCU/2DI/1GD5

  • Asus GeForce GTX 460 DirectCu 1GB GDDR5 PCIe DIRECTCU/2DI/1GD5
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  • Overclocks very well, Runs cool and quiet, Affordable
  • Low price, Overclocked out of the box, Better price/performance ratio than 1 GB and 768 MB reference cards, Good additional OC potential, Low power consumption, Good VRM cooling, GDDR5 memory, 1 GB of memory, Support for DirectX 11, Support for NVIDIA 3D


  • Slightly power hungry

Expert reviews and ratings

By Bjorn3D on 90

As we worked our way through this review, one thing was apparent the entire time: the mainstream videocard market is currently in the middle of a tight race to the finish line. The results of the ASUS ENGTX 460 DirectCU when compared to the ASUS EAH...

By techPowerUp! on 94

With a price of $229 online at this time, the ASUS GTX 460 DirectCU 1 GB costs as much as the reference design 1 GB version. Considering the overclock out of the box, which results in about 10% performance increase on average, this is an excellent...

By on 70

A good performer, especially when overclocked, but the high price is a big turnoff. We already established with our Zotac review that the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 is one hell of a mainstream card and pretty much the best value for money in the...

By Overclock3D on 80

It can be safely said that the GTX 460 1GB is a very capable graphics card. None of the games in our testing regime were unplayable and for most of the part, it is a serious threat to ATi's Radeon HD 5770, 5830 and 5850 graphics cards. Out of the...

International Review By on -

Die Grafikkarte Asus ENGTX460 DirectCU/2DI/1GD5 deutet im Modellnamen schon an, das der Hersteller ein Metall mit hervorragender Wärmeleitfähigkeit verbaut hat: Der Kühlkörper der Grafikkarte besitzt Kupfer-Wärmeleitrohre. Diese...

International Review By Tech4PCs on -

sobre la ASUS ENGTX460 1gb DirectCUImportante: Las opiniones del autor son meramente personales, por lo cual el punto de vista individual es basado en experiencias adquiridas a travs de otras revisiones, en un lapso de tiempo distinto. Esta...

International Review By PC for Alla Extreme on 91

Vi har testat tre GTX 460-grafikkort. Ett av dem är det hittills snabbast på marknaden InledningVi har tidigare testat Geforce GTX 460 768 MB-modeller. Nu ska vi titta närmare på tre GTX 460 1 GB-grafikkort. Utöver skillnaden i...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on -

Es fllt uns schon etwas schwer, ein angemessenes Urteil zu fllen. Zum einen wei die ASUS GeForce GTX 460 DirectCU durchaus mit einer hohen Leistung, gutem Overclocking-Potential, einem reichhaltigen Lieferumfang und guten Temperaturen...