Asus Radeon HD 5870 Voltage Tweak Edition V2 1GB GDDR5

  • Asus Radeon HD 5870 Voltage Tweak Edition V2 1GB GDDR5
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  • Easy overclocking features; understated good looks; deluxe packaging and bundled DirectX 11 game
  • Goldentachaward.png, Robust, 61 phase power supply runs cool, Rocksolid mechanical design, Good value AND high quality in one package, Lowest price for a SW controlled VRM that won't overheat, 1250 MHz Samsung memory is an easy overclock, Defaul
  • Overclocks well, High Performance, DX11, Price, Voltage Tweak, Asus Quality, Eye candy that will make a grown man tear up, Price/performance punch


  • Still can't match Nvidia GTX 480 in most tests; beefed-up fan is incredibly loud at maximum speed
  • SmartDoctor software inferior to ASUS iTracker2, No software voltage control for memory, Fan noise very unpleasant at 100%, Brush fibers left on card after cleaning process, Extreme Design features not listed in published materials

Expert reviews and ratings

By Computer Shopper on 80

A good-looking, tweakable high-end gaming card, the EAH5870 offers some nice features over a standard HD 5870 board. Just brace yourself for major fan noise if you push it to its limits....

By InsideHW on

Although we were positive that we'd already seen every possible version of Radeon HD 5870, ASUS has surprised us with a new "premium" model. EAX5870 V2 is an improved version that should appear in sufficient quantities on the market, unlike the...

By HardOCP on

The ASUS EAH5870 V2 STALKER Edition is a perfectly good video card, but it is overpriced. It is available in retail for $448 USD, making it almost $100 more than a vanilla Radeon HD 5870. We found that the slight GPU frequency boost makes no...

By on 60

While Asus should be commended for producing a card with a shorter custom PCB, cooler and factory-applied overclock for roughly the same price as a standard card, it shouldn’t have bothered. Only if these features improved on the original design...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

Although nearly a year old already, the Radeon HD5870 is still ATI's top performing single-GPU card, at least until the 5890 comes out. In the meantime, manufacturers have been redesigning cards with upgraded coolers and better power handling...

By on

Overall, the ASUS EAH5870 did a great job with everything we tested it with. It took graphically demanding games and pulled up a lawn chair, sat back, laughed at them, and asked for more. The 5870 kept all the minimum FPS at a playable level at all...

By Pureoverclock on

The ASUS Radeon 5870 V2 is a very good non-reference card that offers some unique features for consumers. We know the 5870 is already an impressive and popular card, but ASUS has decided to go that extra mile by offering enthusiasts the opportunity to...

By Overclockers Club on

The Asus EAH5870 v2 puts on an impressive showing all the way around. The card comes well packaged with quality containers and superb design. The card itself is quite the looker, with its custom shroud designed by Asus itself. The black and red color...

By Overclock3D on 90

What can we say about the HD5870 that we haven't said a dozen times? It's more rounded than a cannonball, being powerful, sensibly priced, regular driver updates, and capable of handling almost anything you throw at it.So what does the EAH 5870...

By Benchmark Reviews on 93

The ASUS EAH5870 V2 easily met or improved on the basic performance levels set by the reference cards. The availability of software voltage control allowed an easy 18% increase in clock rates, with no loss of stability or extreme temperatures. Users...

By Bjorn3D on 95

We like the Asus HD5870 for a few reasons. The oversized fan keeps it up to 17% cooler at stock speeds and we all know the cooler electronics run at the longer they live. We like the MSRP at $429 because we've seen factory overclocked cards at $499...

By Hardware Canucks on

While the Matrix may be something only attainable by people with deep pockets, ASUS has something up their sleeves for the rest of us too. What they will do is essentially phase out ATI’s reference design and replaces it with...

International Review By Alt om DATA on 80

Et utrolig godt grafikkort, der har masser af hestekræfter. Det er kun softwaren, der skuffer en...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Obwohl uns die ASUS Radeon HD 5870 V2 schon optisch zusagte und sich die Leistung einer ATI Radeon HD 5870 sehen lassen kann, hinterlässt das Testmuster einen stark durchwachsenen Eindruck. So schafft es das Kühlsystem die Grafikkarte auf ein...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Mit der Radeon HD 5870 V2 ersetzt Asus das Referenzdesign von ATi. Die neue Karte soll es Asus ermöglichen, die Produktions- und Verkaufskosten zu senken, und dennoch eine besserer Qualität in den Händlerregalen zu platzieren. Gelungen...