EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 1GB GDDR5 PCIe

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 1GB GDDR5 PCIe
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  • Attractive and effective cooling system, Good monitoring and control S/W bundle, Excellent overclocking headroom, Outstanding price/performance ratio, 1000 MHz GDDR5 overclocks better than 1250 MHz parts, Very low idle clocks = low power consumption.
  • Great overclocking potential, Cooling running chip, Better overall power usage, Great Software Suites, Lifetime Warranty, Great price to performance ratio


  • Fan speed doesn't move off 40% when GPU is stressed, Some heat from the card is pushed into the case interior, Voltage adjustments not included in EVGA Precision S/W
  • Only one SLI bridge, Lack of a quieter fan

Expert reviews and ratings

By JusTech'n on 81

I decided to upgrade my graphics card recently. My computer is several years old and the old setup consisted of a single Geforce GTX 260 graphics card. I wanted to upgrade the graphics card so that I could increase the performance of my computer. While...

By Kitguru.net on 90

The GTX 460 really is top of the mid market pile … fantastic performance levels with the minimum amount of...

By Benchmark Reviews on 91

this is really a 5850-class card from a technology standpoint, and it performed like one. Overclocked up to what seems like its natural operating point, at 850 MHz on the core, it sweeps the field in its market segment. The cooling performance is...

By Tom's Hardware on

Because every card in today’s comparison is a compromise of features, performance, warranty, and price, individual buyers must carefully consider their specific needs before choosing a...

By TechReaction.net on

The EVGA GeForce GTX460 SuperClocked had an impressive run in our gauntlet of tests. It kept the minimum FPS at a very respectable level, which we have said all along is our main focus point in the game benchmarks, because that is where the lag...

By Ninjalane on 100

The EVGA GTX 460 1GB SC is a card with so many awesome features it is hard to include them all however the lifetime warranty and 90-day step up options go a long way to safeguard your investment from manufacturing defects and breakage to the fear...

By Hardware Canucks on

We’ve been raving about the GTX 460 since it’s released and after seeing what EVGA has been able to do with their Superclocked edition of the 1GB card, the high praise isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. What we have here is a card that...