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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 features two dual-link DVIs, one HDMI and one DisplayPort connector. With 2304 CUDA cores at its disposal, 3GB of RAM and 64-bit memory controllers for a 384-bit wide memory bus. Paired with a 6008Mhz GDDR5 memory clock, it provides up to 288.4GB/sec of peak memory bandwidth to the GPU.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 85

Under those terms, the GTX 780 is hardly exciting news for the vast majority of gamers as the $650 price tag makes this new GPU unobtainable and it'll do nothing to drive prices of previous generation cards down. Perhaps next week’s launch of the GTX 770 will be a little more meaningful for the gaming community.

By PCGamer on 91

If you’ve got a lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket, and if you can find one, the GTX 780 Ti will be the fastest graphics card you’ve ever had. But you'll need to overclock to justify the expense.

By Hi Tech Legion on

When you look at the benchmarks for the GTX 780 on the Ivy Bridge-E, it may seem like a somewhat confusing array. The numbers seem to be all over the place when you compare them with the results from Haswell or Ivy Bridge. Some almost identical, some...

By PC Authority on 83

We've had one of Nvidia's reference GTX 780's in the labs in the lead up to third party designs arriving. Unlike Titan, a product whose design has been tightly locked down by Nvidia, the GTX 780 and 770 will come with the usual assortment of custom PCB...

By Gaming Nexus on 90

It's expensive, but you get a great deal of performance out of it along with some nifty features. The card absolutely flies and it's a lot less expensive than the Titan. It's still a big chunk of change to put down. GeForce Experience helps take this...

By EuroGamer on

It's free performance on the face of it, but the cost comes from considerably more wattage being drawn from the mains as a consequence. However, some might argue that if you can afford to splurge so much money on a GPU, increased electricity bills probably aren't going to bother you too much.

By Bright Side of News on

Looking at the performance of the GTX 780, there is no doubt that it is a significant upgrade to the GTX 680. However, it is also 30% more expensive than the GTX 680 at launch and currently it is around 40% more expensive since the GTX 680 currently...

By Legit Reviews on

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 fills in the performance gap between the GeForce GTX 680 and GeForce GTX Titan, but does not bring any new technologies or features to the table that weren't already available on the GeForce GTX Titan. ...

By DigitalVersus on 100

As a more affordable alternative to the GeForce GTX Titan, Nvidia's GTX 780 graphics card is a high-end piece of kit offering excellent gaming performances. Plus, it stays nice and quiet, and comes with loads of handy...

By IT Pro Portal on 80

One thing is certain, though – high-end cards have always been about luxury as much as performance, and if you've been looking for a mini-Titan at a better price, you're going to be happy with the GTX 780. It's as simple as that. Published under license...

By FutureLooks on 90

I have to admit that I was a little enamored and a little concerned when I first saw the NVIDIA GTX 780. Granted, its a great looking two toned green LED lit reference card if it can even really be called reference. However, the concern was that the...

By AnandTech on

Finally, to bring things to a close we turn our gaze towards the future of the rest of the GeForce 700 family. The GTX 780 is the first of the GeForce 700 family but it clearly won’t be the last. A cut-down GK110 card as GTX 780 was the logical progression for NVIDIA, but what to use to replace GTX 670 is a far murkier question as NVIDIA has a number of good choices at their disposal.

By MadBoxPC on 90

NVIDIA puso su apuesta y con una interesante serie de lanzamientos, GTX 690, GTX Titan (Pronto!), GTX 780 y próximamente la GTX 770 coloca mucha presión a su competencia. ¿Con que responderá AMD?. Por todo esto, le entregamos el máximo honor a esta bestia (Aunque recortada), la NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780.

By OverclockersClub on 100

While not the cheapest GPU on the block, NVIDIA brings a player to the market that takes the strengths of the GK110 Kepler core DNA and packages them in a more affordable package.

By ExpertReviews on 100

The GTX Titan certainly produces higher frame rates for multi-monitor and ultra-high resolution gaming, but the GTX 780’s frame rates are still high at 5,760x1,080. If you don’t have the vast funds needed to buy a GTX Titan, the GTX 780 is a better value alternative.

By BitTech on 79

With little to shake up the GPU market, at least until the year’s end, GTX 780 3GB remains relevant, serving as a far more reasonably priced-super-high-end card than GTX Titan. However, it’s simply isn't as compelling an upgrade as its predecessors, filling a new price point instead of replacing any current product. Let’s hope the rest of Nvidia’s refreshed 7-series is more compelling.

By TechPowerUp on 92

The GTX 770 will be launching soon, and GeForce GTX 600 cards are still strong. It's not like the GTX 700 introduced any features that you absolutely must have to be able to play the latest games. Most gamers will even have a great time with a $200 GTX 660 that can play all titles just fine at full HD. But you now have options that cost less than 1000 USD if you want more

By Hexus on 100

A GeForce GTX Titan in all but name, GTX 780 is the one to go for if you're after a truly high-end card that retains a modicum of value. Big, beefy but brutishly fast, it replaces the Titan as our favourite high-end card.

By PCPerspective on 75

NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 780 is a much harder sell than any previous GeForce launch even though it isn't a bad card in any way. Is it faster than the GTX 680? Yes. Is it faster than the HD 7970? Yup. Is it less expensive than the GTX Titan? Indeed. Those answers, alone, will sell lots of them; but, it can't win the performance per dollar argument that even enthusiasts pay attention to.

By Tech2 on 80

Moreover, the prices should normalise in a month or so once the cards flood the market. If you felt the Titan was a bit out of reach, then the GTX 780 is the next best thing and is certainly a worthy successor to the GTX 680.