PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 X2 2GB GDDR5 PCIe

  • PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 X2 2GB GDDR5 PCIe
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  • Great performance, Good memory overclocking potential, Software voltage control via I2C, Native fullsize HDMI output, Supports mixed multiGPU configuration thanks to Lucid Hydra, Dirt 3 coupon included, Support for DirectX 11


  • High power consumption in idle, Multi GPU concept needs optimum driver support to perform well, Noisy fan in idle, Overdrive limits too low for memory, No support for CUDA / PhysX

Expert reviews and ratings

By HardwareZone.com on

Sometime last month, PowerColor officially launched one of its latest high-end graphics card. Making its first appearance at Computex Taipei 2011, the PowerColor HD6870x2, as what its moniker suggests, is packed with a pair of AMD Radeon HD 6870 GPUs...

By Pureoverclock on

Having two chips on a single card has historically come with some problems, primarily heat and power consumption, not to mention driver support, but the design here works very well. PowerColor has gone it alone in terms of design and lack of support...

By techPowerUp! on 91

When I first saw PowerColor's HD 6870 X2 at Computex this year, I was quite sceptical. Could the company design their dual-GPU card without AMD's help? How would the card stand in performance? Now that the results are in, I have to say I am...

By Overclock3D on 80

The PowerColor HD6870X2 is quite a complex thing to sum up in a snappy few lines.All of the press blurb relentlessly hammered home the fact that the HD6870X2 was designed to best the nVidia GTX580 and if that is the sole measure of the PowerColor...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Die Radeon HD 6870 X2 richtet sich zweifellos an Vielspieler, die eine Menge Leistung haben wollen, aber nicht dazu bereit sind mehr als 500 Euro in eine (nicht lieferbare) Radeon HD 6990 oder gar fast 600 Euro in eine GeForce GTX 590 zu investieren....

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Auch nach Beendigung des Artikels haben wir auf die eingangs gestellte Frage nach dem Sinn einer Radeon HD 6870X2 keine wirkliche Antwort. Schaut man sich einmal ganz nüchtern die Performance an, so liegt die PowerColor Radeon HD 6870X2 mit etwas...