Able Planet Clear Harmony NC300

  • Able Planet Clear Harmony NC300
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  • Half the price of Bose noise-canceling headphones. Long-lasting battery life. Lightweight and comfortable. Volume control on the cord. Includes carrying case, 1/4-inch adapter, and airplane adapter.
  • See specifications below.


  • You canít hear the music unless the power is on. No mic or iPhone controls.
  • See specifications below, Noise cancelling headphones can be expensive, but if you need peace and quiet while listening to your music devices, they are worth every penny. I enlisted the help of a former DJ from a local rock radio station to help me test t

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By Gaming Nexus on 96

With the 2011 CES fading into the background, many of the products we saw on the show floor are starting to hit retailers and make their way to customers. One product that was introduced a while back but is still an active sell is the Able Planet...

By Mac|Life on 70

At half the price of Boses QuietComfort 15 ($299.95), the NC300 headphones are a great bargain for anyone looking for sturdy noise-cancelling cans, although they have a hard time matching the Boses full fidelity. Still, they deliver...

By Ars Technica on

The last set of headphones from Able Planet we looked at aimed to make sounds clearer at a lower volume, while the NC300s we'll be talking about today are all about isolating you in sound. Here's an explanation of noise cancellation so I...

By Electronista on 80

When you choose noise-cancelling headphones you sometimes have to sacrifice comfort or sound for good noise cancellation, unless you want to spent a fortune. MacNN compares two reasonably priced headsets; difficult to choose between because they have...

By HeadphoneInfo on

The AblePlanet Clear Harmony NC300s are a pretty solid upgrade from the NC200s. Almost every area is improved, and the price has jumped to match. The headphones performed well on our tests for a pair of active-cancellers, but couldn't isolate as...