Grado Labs PS-1000

  • Grado Labs PS-1000
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  • Grado's most comfortable over-the-ear headphones sound great at home and with iPods; beautifully crafted wood and solid metal earcups; stellar build quality; includes 15-foot extension cable and phono-to-miniplug adapter.


  • Extremely expensive; doesn't include travel bag or storage case.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Trusted Reviews on 90

The Grado PS1000 is one of the most expensive pairs of headphones you'll find, but it's also one of the best. Powerful bass, wonderfully subtle-but-intense levels of detail and an incredible soundstage make this pair an unbridled joy to listen...

By on 100

It says everything about the way these headphones perform that we would gladly put up with any mickey taking that their undoubtedly pre-war looks might bring. That's not to say this is a flawless package. The 'phones weigh in at a beefy 500g...

By Positive Feedback on

Things to do. Fly to outer space. Own a Ferrari and drive a Bentley. Acquire the finest audio system in the world [getting close.] Listen to the finest headphones ever made on the ultimate headphone amp. Done and done. I have thoroughly auditioned...

By TechRadar on 100

For some time now, headphones having been getting some really good press. When we reviewed the Grado GS1000 just over three years ago, we hailed it as possibly the finest headphone we'd ever tested. Last year, we had the pleasure of listening to the...

By AVguide on 90

Having recently reviewed the Grado SR 325is for Playback, which I thought were exceptionally good headphones, I was thrilled when Grado offered a chance to review their maximum supreme PS1000 headphone ($1695). Given what Grado does at the $300...

By cnet on 90

They may cost as much as a big-screen TV, but the PS1000s are simply the best-sounding, most comfortable, and best-looking Grado headphones we've ever tested. Read full review See all...

International Review By on 90

Auch wenn er so viel kostet, wie ein groer Plasma-Fernseher, lohnt sich die Investition: Der PS1000 ist der beste Grado-Kopfhrer, den wir jemals getestet haben. Nicht nur im eigenen Haus, sondern auch in der Liga der...