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By musicphotolife.com on 100

The Jaybird Freedom is the earphones to get if you love detailed treble for a start, and from there you can adjust the sound using the MySound app, making the Freedom easily anyone's favourite earphones for sports or for fashion. Coupled with the...

By Wired on 60

Jaybird If you've researched running headphones at all in the last few years, you've no doubt encountered many glowing words about Jaybird's X2 earbuds . Rightly so. The company's Bluetooth earbuds are comfortable, have great sound, and—thanks to...

By Phone Scoop on 100

Today, 6:00 PM by Eric M. Zeman...

By netguide.co.nz on

The earbuds that came with my devices have forever remained unused in their boxes. I've never been able to use them for more than a few minutes at a time. However, the Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds have changed that for me and for my long-suffering...

International Review By Stuff.tv on 80

The Freedom Wireless are a very well made set of wireless in-ears, and they should be praised for their build quality and plethora of fit options. While their sound is decent, you'll be rewarded if you take the time to balance the EQ out in the MySound...

International Review By Trusted Reviews on 70

The Jaybird Freedom require a lot of setup time, but it's worth it if you need a secure fit from your sports...

International Review By straitstimes.com on 80

The Jaybird Freedom wireless Bluetooth buds are a pair of tough, sweat-proof earphones that look just as good in the gym as they do on the street.The fifth and latest iteration of the Freedom series has been slimmed down, with tapered ends for a more...

International Review By cn.engadget.com on

Jaybird Freedom 定价 NT$5.680(HK$1,699),可是一点也不便宜。在这样的价位下,它带来的是合乎价位的音质,小巧的体型,以及尚可的电力表现,甚至充电扣具还能当额外的备用电源来使用,让它可以音乐不中断地拥有两倍的电力。唯一或许美中不足的,就是它的重量和体积都转移到了线控上,让线控变得相对大而笨重,并不容易乔到一个舒适的位置。另外,它无法直接充电,如果充电扣具弄丢就麻烦啰。对于无线蓝牙耳机,小编依然没有完全被说服。真.无线蓝牙耳机的电力太少,而像 Jaybird Freedom...

International Review By smzdm.com on

7.图片赏析好久不见的“朕值到了”▼当时看到众测头图想歪的肯定不只我一个▼背面的产品特点▼侧面的合作伙伴,美国铁三/沙滩排球/Ragnar接力跑/马拉松官方指定耳机▼掀启式设计,内页运动员为James Lawrence,每个颜色的运动员都不同▼取掉透明壳体,上层为耳机本体,下层为收纳袋,耳塞,鲨鱼鳍等配件▼箱内物体一览,配件相当丰富▼拿在手中,突出一个“小”▼官方宣传耳机重量仅为14g,实测如下▼该耳机的本体非常有特点,就是小,非常小,相比X2在扩音器大小上小了20%!...

International Review By smzdm.com on

Jaybird freedom Wireless...

International Review By watchmono.com on

2016年9月に発売されたロジクールのイヤホン「Jaybird Freedom Wireless」。「Jaybird X2」などで高い支持を得ていたJaybirdの新たなBluetoothイヤホンで、小型ハウジングを大きな特徴としたボックスレスタイプのモデル。日本では買収したロジクールの名義で出されましたが、ちょっとチェックしてみます。スポーツイヤホン「Jaybird Freedom Wireless」Amazon)[#1]ついにキター(゚∀゚ 三 ゚∀゚)jaybird freedom...