Shure SRH240

  • Shure SRH240
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  • Superb sound reproduction


  • Headphone wires look ordinary

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 80

Bulky, but the comfortable design and balanced, focused sound are great achievements at this price....

By PCMag Mideast on 80

Shure definitely has made a mark with their line of audio products. Especially for audiophiles, sound is the main thing that they would consider in buying an earphone, headphone or even the top of the line MP3 player. The Shure SRH240 headphones...

By DigitalVersus on 60

Why unbalanced headphones aren’t any good for monitoring Two points are important in choosing a good set of studio headphones. First, they should be relatively accurate. When you want to check a recording, if the headphones are too soft, too...

By Mac|Life on 100

Whether you're a working musician or just a music fan, Shure's new headphones sound like a great deal. The 440s offer a few extras, but the lighter 240s make a lot of sense for listening on the...

By MyMac on 70

Have a hundred dollars or a bit less? Don't care about wild colors? Want better isolation from room noise? Need folding ear cups? Get SRH240 Professional Quality Headphones. Do some comparison shopping at, where several online merchants...

By on 60

We're familiar with 's in-ear headphones, but the company's on-ear cans are a new proposition. The SRH240s look reasonable but feel cheaper than their price would suggest. Pleasingly, the earpads and headband feel comfortable during...

International Review By Bild & Ljud Hemma on 83

De här lurarna är det nämligen fart i. De låter förbaskat bra vilken ljudkälla och musikstil man än lyssnar på, och den relativt neutrala och öppna klangkaraktären gör att de passar väldigt bra till studiobruk och hifi, men också när man är i farten....

International Review By Lyd og bilde on 83

Kanskje ikke de mest bærbare hodetelefonene i testen. De kan ikke klappes sammen, og ikke er de særlig kompakte. Men komfortable er de, også når man bærer dem på ute. Dempingen er god og man trenger ikke å skru iPoden...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Autant le reste de la gamme s'orientait vers les pros, autant ce SRH 240 reste un produit grand public. C'est se demander si Shure n'aurait pas mieux fait de profiter du dveloppement des SRH 440 et 840 pour faire un 240 plus...