Sleek Audio SA1

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  • Striking rosewood finish.
  • Well balanced sound signature.
  • Detachable cable can be adapted for wireless use.


  • Weak bass.
  • So-so comfort.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Onheadphones on 70

A real cheap buy, considering the sound quality it provides. There are a couple of sound filters that you can use to get a more treble-rich sound or a punchy bass sound. The ability to change over to wireless with the help of a wireless W1 adapter can...

By Top Review Shop on 80

Sleek Audio is a relatively new audio company that specializes in in-ear headphones, or IEMS. After a successful launch of their high-end SA6 earphones model, they have now released a budget-friendly model that we are looking at today – the SA1....

By Trusted Reviews on 70

If you need more confirmation that things are getting better and better at the budget end of the earphone market, here it is. Back in September 2008 we looked at Sleek’s debut IEM, the clever, customisable . Audiophile-grade, single driver...

By TouchMyApps on

80$ isn’t cheap. But with a good accessory package, nice carrying case, the ability to go wireless, and overall decent construction, the SA1 looks pretty good. It is smooth and reliable with a pretty top end. And while allowing minute adjustments...

By DigitalVersus on 80

W1 module goes wireless Sleek Audio turned to Kleer to design and produce a wireless module for its headphones. It uses a thin transmitter and a receiver that replaces the cable by connecting directly to the earphones. The system is both practical...

By Appletell on 100

Now Middle class audio lovers rejoice;, the earphones you’ve lusted after have finally arrived at a price you can afford. Sleek Audio’s new SA1s are the earphones you’ve been waiting for, you just may not have known that you’ve...

By Gear Diary on

Here’s the dilemma: you’re listening to your favorite music, and outside noises are not only bleeding in, they are making your music less clear. Most people would turn up the volume to block the unwanted noise and amplify their audio. The...

International Review By Digital Living on 83

Der SA1 ist kein Kopfhörer wie jeder andere. Lesen Sie, wie viel abnehmbares Kabel, Palisanderholz und all die austauschbaren Teile wirklich bringen.Der In-Ear-Kopfhörer Sleek Audio SA ist nicht ganz billig, hat dafür einige Extras zu...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Le bois fait son apparition parmi les intras avec succès. Si les SA-1 ne nous convainquent pas autant que les SA-6, ils demeurent très bons, et la personnalisation du rendu est un plus...

International Review By on 80

Marque nouvelle chez nous, Sleek Audio propose une gamme très limitée de modèles mais avec des prestations qui sortent de l’ordinaire, sans toutefois que le prix ne s’envole. Nous avons choisi le nouveau SA One (ou SA1)...