• TDK WR700
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  • Simple plug & play setup.
  • Great sound.
  • High quality build.


  • Requires 4x AAA batteries.
  • No battery life indicator.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCMag on 80

TDK's WR700 is a solid wireless headphone option, with big bass and a high quality wireless streaming courtesy of Kleer. It isn't flawless, but it's a bargain for its $250 price.

By Smarthouse on 70

Bluetooth is a common avenue for linking wireless audio devices, but using the short-range frequency comes at a price. Bluetooth has to compress audio when streaming to devices, so the quality takes a toll. Enter Kleer. Kleer wireless technology...

By Channel News Australia on 70

TDK has chosen Kleer over Bluetooth and won with this ultra-clear set of headsets, but the WR700s aren?t without their faults. Question is: do they warrant a $179 price tag?Bluetooth is a common avenue for linking wireless audio devices, but using the...

By ThinkDigit on 70

In the end perhaps it perhaps boils down to one question: Are they as good as some of the better Rs. 7000 wired headphones? Not quite, but for wireless headphones the performance is superlative.This is one of the better sounding headphones to enter...

By ITP.net on 80

The WR700 Wireless Headphones offer excellent aural performance for a reasonable price....

By About.com on 90

In the opinion of this serious music listener, the TDK WR700 wireless headphones are affordable, great-sounding headphones for casual or critical listeners. Their high fidelity sound is rich, full and detailed and the wireless capability is a real...

By Tbreak.com on 80

Usually I’m not a fan of wireless devices since one way or the other they usually end up disappointing me with poor reception and/or broken connections due to interference. Of course, my Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers have never posed any problem,...

By Top Review Shop on 80

Fit, Comfort and Isolation As noted above, the WR700 is a supraaural headphone that weighs a bit more than the average wired set due to the battery compartment and wireless circuitry. The soft pads, low clamping force, and rotating earcups all make...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

Wireless headphones have been on the market for a long time, but they have generally lacked the sound quality of their wired components, making them easy to overlook for anyone concerned with crisp audio quality. However, TDK's WR700 headphones...

By Expert Reviews on 80

The TDK WR700 wireless headphones have generally good sound quality and reasonable range, but it's not ideal for mobile use....

By MyCE on 90

TDK was kind enough to send us a pair of high fidelity wireless headphones for review. These headphones feature transmission technology developed by Kleer, which is an uncompressed CD quality 16bit 44kHz digital connection, giving improved sound...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Moins cher, le casque sans fil TDK WR700 aurait été parfait TDK se lance dans les casques sans fil haut de gamme. Mais, limité aux éléments hi-fi et aux TV, son WR700 est un peu cher. Aymeric Siméon | 01net. | le...

International Review By BitCity on 84

Gli audiofili che non vogliono rinunciare a muoversi in libertà sono il target per le cuffie wireless TDK WR700. Il set overhead in test è caratterizzato da un design funzionale e sobrio che adotta due driver da 34 mm racchiusi in padiglioni...