Apple Wireless Keyboard MB167

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard MB167
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  • Ultrathin profile.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing.


  • Lacks number pad.
  • Small keys may feel cramped for some users.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld UK on 80

As Apple aficionados, your first port of call for a separate keyboard is most likely to be Apple’s own offering. Compact and low-profile, Apple’s Bluetooth option uses chiclet keys that have become a familiar choice for today’s...

By Computerworld on

Even if you're comfortable with the iPad 2's on-screen keyboard and can happily tap out a status update or quick email, you might not want to use it for tasks like writing a lengthy report. One option is to ditch the tablet for a full-fledged...

By RegHardware on 95

As with most Apple products, it's on the expensive side of things, but not too much of a price to pay for the quality, especially when compared to some of the other models in this round-up. Two AA batteries fit nicely in the shallow rake of the...

By iLounge on 70

Both as a compromise and as an overall design, the best of the bunch is Apple’s official Wireless Keyboard ($69), which was on the market predating the release of the iPad and has not as yet been changed in any way for iOS devices. Because Apple...

By GadgetReview on 100

Explaining why a keyboard is good or bad is a unique challenge, compared to other products. How a keyboard is isn’t a scientific study. Instead, it’s entirely based on feel and functionality, and ultimately, the keyboard that’s right...

By PC Advisor on 60

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is less suited for use in an office environment – many people simply find it too compact to type on rapidly. It doesn't have a proper numeric keypad either, so it's not much use if your work involves a lot of...

By Macworld UK on 60

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is slim, sleek and very light, but it won’t be to everyone’s taste. The slim, compact design is good for use at home – for example, we use ours with a Mac mini that’s plugged into a flat-screen TV...

By cnet on 80

Apple bundles its Wireless Keyboard with every new iMac because it matches the computer's strengths in terms of minimal design and simple functionality. While some may bemoan its lack of extra features, the Apple Wireless Keyboard does the job and...

By TheTechLounge on

The keyboard is really good at being non-existent. Its not great for work, but is a surprise winner when it comes to gaming--which I should point out, only needs half a keyboard, anyway--so it falls into the \"keyboard for people who hate keyboards\"...

By Gomeler on 85

For those looking to use their Apple computer with a secondary monitor and keyboard/mouse setup, the Apple Wireless Keyboard quick and simple solution to detach yourself from your actual laptop and maintain a clean desktop. While the lack of a numpad...

By PC Mag on 80

The Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse deliver simplicity and elegance, but at some cost to wrist...

By Mac|Life on 100

The superb Wireless Keyboard is yet another design classic from Apple. ...

By TechRadar on 100

Apples new wireless keyboard is a thing of beauty. Its right up there among our very favourite designs to spring from the fertile imaginations of the Apple design team. It took a tantalisingly long time for our order to arrive, due to some hold-up...

By Macsimum News on 70

The first thing you’ll notice about the US$79 Apple Wireless Keyboard is its size. In fact, the graphic accompanying this story is life-sized. Okay, not really, but the keyboard is amazingly petite. Which is both its strong and weak points. Like...

International Review By MacGeneration on 80

Présenté en même temps que son grand frère filaire, le clavier sans fil d'Apple s'est toutefois fait un peu attendre et n'a été effectivement disponible que quelques semaines après. Depuis, nous avons eu le...