Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811

  • Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811
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  • Excellent.
  • Full size keys in a standard layout.
  • Pairs with three Macs and/or iOS devices simultaneously.


  • No battery level meter.
  • Compressed "F" key row.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gear Diary on -

I have been using Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard pretty consistently ever since I made the move to Mac. I have used one with my various iMacs, and I also use one at home with my laptop, since I elevate the computer on one of a number of stands and use a...

By TrustedReviews on 90

The Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy Switich Keyboard is an innovative and highly recommended wireless keyboard. It's on the pricey side, though, so it's only worth it if you think you'll use its nifty 'easy switch' feature often.

By AsiaOne on 80

Logitech's Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac is for Apple buffs like me - I have a MacBook Air, an iPhone and an iPad.It allows you to switch among three devices by just pressing the F1, F2 or F3 short-cut keys that correspond to the respective...

By technologytell.com on -

Bluetooth keyboards are quite common, of course, but you have to disconnect the Bluetooth and re-pair them in order to swap between devices. It's not a huge hassle, but it's enough that when I'd move from writing on my iPad to finding something to watch...

By Macworld on 90

Every time I tried to write the conclusion to this review, it ended up being nearly identical to the one for Logitech's K760—just updated for the Easy-Switch's unique features. And that's because, solar charging versus backlit keys aside, the two...

By GadgetReview on 100

As we all move into a multi-display world – where our computing is done across multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones – some things have adapted but most have not. In fact, much of the hardware built today is very similar to just a few...

By telegraph.co.uk on 100

This is my new favourite gadget. The most complicated thing about the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 is probably its name. The device itself is very simple: it's a Bluetooth keyboard that allows one-touch switching between paired...

By Legit Reviews on -

If you have the need for a physical keyboard for your iOS or OS X device, the Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth keyboard is an excellent choice with the benefits of being able to switch between devices with a single key press, long battery life, and...

By isource.com on -

The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard is the best keyboard that I have ever reviewed to-date, hands down. That isn't to disparage the others that I have really enjoyed, such as the ZAGGkeys , the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover , the Logitech...

By GadgetMac on 90

Logitech is back with yet another superb keyboard, and this time one that's exclusively designed with Mac and iOS users in mind. Logitech's Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 keyboard for the Mac is the wireless twin brother, a silver and black derivative of...

By iLounge on 80

While some users may wonder what’s “innovative” about the Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard, the answer is simple: within a nearly identical footprint, it does even more than Apple’s vaunted Wireless Keyboard, all while being thinner and easier to...

By tuaw.com on -

I give the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard a big double thumbs-up with frosting on top. Seriously, the keyboard's backlighting, feel, and ability to switch instantly between devices makes it a winner in my book. Pros Design matches...

International Review By MacWorld on 100

Vi lever i pekskärmarnas tidevarv, men när vi vill skriva längre texter är det fortfarande fysiska tangentbord som gäller. Logitechs senaste lösning på problemet är Easy Switch, ett tangentbord som kan växla mellan bluetooth-enheter med en enkel...

International Review By eReviews on 90

Er man Mac bruger, har man formentlig allerede opdaget at udvalget af tastaturer hertil er rimelig begrænset, men heldigvis er der dog alternativer fra eksempelvis Logitech. Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 er et af dem, og her får man et...

International Review By Mac Life on -

Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Bewertung:sehr gut (5.5) Preis: 99,99 EuroWebseite: www.logitech.comHersteller: LogitechAlternative: Diverse Mit Ausnahme des Mac mini liefert Apple jeden Mac mit einer wirklich guten Tastatur aus. Warum also auf...

International Review By chinese.vr-zone.com on 80

想為自家 Apple 產品找一把好用的藍牙鍵盤嗎?看看這把 Logitech K811 吧!Logitech K811 藍牙鍵盤從名字看起來,就可以知道是 Logitech K810 的兄弟機種,不過 K810 專為 Windows 電腦設計,具備視窗鍵等 Windows 系統常用按鍵,這一把 K810 則是專為 Mac 電腦而設計。你可以看到 Mac 常用的快速鍵,如 Mission Control 等在這把鍵盤出現,另外 Control、Command 和 Option 按鍵在也在 Mac...