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  • Solid mechanical key response.
  • Anti-ghosting circuitry.
  • Mac-standard keys with special-function keys that match Apple’s layout.


  • Keyboard body looks a little cheap.
  • Key response slightly less crisp than with keys on Tactile Pro.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Real World Labs on

A full pay-cycle later and we’re back! The Matias Quiet Pro went up against a full two weeks of brutal office use only to come out on top. I’m generally pleased and so is my fiance. She is so pleased while using it sparingly, that right after I...

By PC Advisor on 80

If you spend enough time working or playing on a computer, you can't beat a good mechanical keyboard. They often allow faster, more satisfying typing, although the amount of key clatter can be very distracting – if not to you then at least any...

By Web User on 80

★★★★★This is an expensive keyboard that has none of the extra functions and buttons that many upgrade keyboards provide, except for three USB ports you can use to plug in peripherals and storage. But what it lacks in bells and whistles, it more than...

By Macworld Australia on 90

Matias has long been a champion of mechanical keyboards, which use real, physical switches underneath the keys. The company’s flagship Tactile Pro 3 keyboard is the current go-to keyboard for many long-time mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts.The only...

By RWLabs on 100

Matias Quiet Pro keyboard for the PC has a perfect score for quality and keeps the price for unique switches at an affordable range.

By MadShrimps on 100

The keyboard is quite comfortable and thanks to it's tactile feedback, we do not hesitate to recommend it in office environments where a lot of typing is involved or at home for chatting or writing different articles.

By MadShrimps on

The Quiet Pro keyboard from Matias comes with black colored keys and a matte silver casing, to get closer to the overall aspect of Mac/Macbook computers. The 3-port USB 2.0 hub is very handy for connecting multiple peripherals to it that do not...

By MacWorld on 90

If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before, the Quiet Pro is a great model to start with—it provides solid tactile feedback and reassuring key response without the obnoxiously loud key sounds.

By TipUpdate on

Even then there are a lot better and cheaper keyboard out there with much better functions but they are not as quiet as this one.

By engadget on

As for the Quiet Pro itself, it's a great entry into the world of mechanical keyboards for those worried that the clickety-clack of a traditional model will be too much for you (or your co-workers) to take.

By Engadget on

150 is a lot of money to spend on a keyboard, there's no question about that. If you do any serious amount of writing, though, it's an amount that's at least worth considering -- whether you spend it on this particular keyboard or another....

By Tuaw on 85

All in all, the $150 Quiet Pro represents an excellent entry in the mechanical keyboard arena and a wonderful innovation for anyone who has to balance sound against key feel. Recommended.

International Review By ComputerBase on

Die Quiet-Schalter besitzen, verglichen mit den bekannteren Cherry-Pendants mit ebenfalls rund vier Millimeter langem Hubweg, eine eigenständige Charakteristik. Diese wird primär durch den höher liegenden Signalpunkt definiert, der das bei den...